Thu. May 26th, 2022

Helen is 11 months old, probably has cerebral palsy and cannot get the treatment she needs.

“My concern right now is what kind of long-term effect this will have,” her father Graham Dickson told Global News.

Dickson said doctors told him they could not yet make an accurate diagnosis because they were waiting for more tests, including an MRI.

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Saskatchewan patients are waiting for life-saving surgeries, clarity from health officials

But it was canceled, he said, when the Saskatchewan Health Authority announced on September 23 that it was slowing down and postponing services to redirect resources to the overwhelmed intensive care units treating patients with COVID-19.

Dickson said Helen is developmentally retarded. While most 11-month-olds crawl, Helen only grabs her feet.

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She also has crossed eyes, and her reflexes lie well behind where they should be, Dickson said. He told Global News doctors said this probably points to some kind of disruption between her brain and her motor function.

Dickson said one source of comfort was Helen’s physiotherapy treatments, which took place once a month.

But he learned Thursday, under what would be Helen’s last deal, that the rest of the treatments were postponed indefinitely because SHA is also redirecting staff from there.

SHA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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COVID-19-Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe rejects calls to collect restrictions

Dickson blames Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe.

He said the government could have prevented the build-up of COVID-19 cases if it had implemented more public health restrictions before.

On Thursday, Moe announced that the province is reorganizing how it responds to the pandemic.

Asked why he did not implement limits on collection sizes, the prime minister said “we are not going to implement broad-based restrictions on … over 70 percent (of the population) considered fully vaccinated.”

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Dickson called it “an absolute fallacy.”

“The people who are being punished by this passivity are the most vulnerable people, just like my daughter.”

Global News has contacted Moe’s office for comment.

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