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?  600-month apartment with sofa bed does not have a loo notting-hill-w11- 3hn / 1401730715 Image: Gumtree

The ‘bed’ and kitchenette are less than an arm’s length away (Image: Gumtree)

Notting Hill is one of London’s most delightful neighborhoods, with the second most expensive street in the whole country (£ 23.5 million Average house price) located here.

There is a way to live in this exclusive area without the high price, but you may have to sacrifice some things to do it… like not having a toilet or a bed.

These can serve as necessities for a property, with sleep and cleanliness that lies at the bottom of Abraham Maslow’s legacy as needed.

But the landlord of this 650-pound bed a month apparently believes in something else.

The single room, described as ‘great value’ by agents, has a small kitchenette whose cupboards are blocked by the futon on which the tenants are supposed to sleep.

If you have ever slept on these folding sofa beds, you know how uncomfortable they are, which is enhanced by its proximity to the smells and sounds of a kitchen.

Although you will enjoy the great location – just around the corner from Portobello Road Market and Notting Hill Gate station – you will not benefit from private stools.

Landlords are required by law to provide a restroom, so there is one available, but it is not in your independent home.

Instead, the new tenant will share with other apartments in the building, with a single shower and toilet in between, no matter how many residents need it.

?  600-month apartment with sofa bed does not have a loo notting-hill-w11- 3hn / 1401730715 Image: Gumtree

There is a chest of drawers and bookshelf for storage (Image: Gumtree)

The property list does not show a picture of the shared bathroom, and there is no indication of how many strangers you may be struggling to get in the shower before work.

Looking at the street on Google Maps, it appears to be lined with typical townhouses in west London, suggesting that all the other rooms in this one have also been converted into beds (with no effort to add a suites for each custom-built ‘apartment’ ‘).

This shared bathroom situation is quite common when it comes to beds, but is usually reflected in the rental price as they were originally designed to be a cheap housing solution.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea state on their website that all multi-occupancy homes must include ‘an easily accessible toilet that is no more than one floor away from any user and in a ratio of no more than one toilet per. Five farmers’.

?  600-month apartment with sofa bed does not have a loo notting-hill-w11- 3hn / 1401730715 Image: Gumtree

You can prepare your meals on the included table burner (Image: Gumtree)

Too must also be in his own room (with a separate laundry room) if five people share facilities.

The local council also says that a room occupied by one person must not be less than 11 square meters in size.

This bed space hopefully meets these conditions, but it is important as a tenant to know which landlords can be held to account – and how to do it.

Roger Harding, director of communications, politics and campaigns at Shelter, spoke of the rise in ‘semi-studio’ properties, to the Daily Mail: ‘The fact that London tenants are stuck with these pitiful half-timbered properties reflects the dire our private leased sector.

‘Sky-high rents and fierce competition for housing in the capital mean that many tenants have no choice but to take the first place they can afford and are pushed into expensive, cramped and claustrophobic apartments.’

If you choose to sleep on a sofa and streamline your belongings to fit into a small home in your perfect location, that’s fine.

Just make sure you know what you are getting into and that your landlord is maintaining their completion of the deal by complying with rules.

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