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The A-Leagues have suggested that the men of an extended A-League could start next year.

A-League expansion news

  • Possible expansion news coming next year
  • APL will have A-League Men’s and Women’s teams on all franchises
  • Canberra a possible expansion market target

In an online interaction question period, the A-League’s instagram, representing the league, was asked: “When will the next round of expansion be?” They answered as follows:

“More teams = more minutes = more football.

“At least three teams will join A-League Women by 2023.

“More to say about the Isuzo UTE A-League next year …”

This is the second news within a few weeks about a possible A-League Men’s expansion. During an interview with The Real Football Show last week, APL CEO Danny Townsend spoke about plans to expand both the A-League men and women.

“We have the roadmap to expand the league so that every A-League club has a men’s and women’s team.”

With this announcement, one can summarize that Canberra, the only area where an A-League Women’s Club does not have a men’s side, could be a potential expansion side. Townsend was asked on the show if Canberra was a potential expansion market for the A-League Men:

“There’s a lot of profit in that approach, but we’ve been going through a lot of different strategic projects over the last six months since we’ve had control, and expansion is a big one,” Townsend said.

“It’s one that will require a lot of work. The way we go about expansion is really important. We have a strategic view of how we want to expand the game.

“Like I said, Canberra is definitely on the list of geographies to consider, because for us it’s about bringing our game into a geography that will increase the commercial value of the sport.

“It’s not about who wants to write us the biggest check, which was possibly the previous way to go for expansion.

“It’s about who will bring more value to the game, who will bring more fans to the sport, and how they will be as business partners.

“Ultimately, that’s what they are.”

A Canberra A-League men’s bid had previously been made without success in the final round of expansion. The bid was made independently by Canberra United. It was among 14 other bids in which Western United and Macarthur FC were ultimately selected to participate.

The Canberra Times had reported last year that Canberra United were open to a partnership with any future future A-League men’s team, indicating that the club was not directly looking at expansion.

Whether Canberra is a possible future A-League Men’s team will be seen. But with the latest revelations from both the A-League media and Townsend, expansion is openly set as a goal for the APL. Someone who could come very soon.


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