A Windsor hospital has fired 57 employees for failing to be vaccinated

Windsor Regional Hospital says 98.5% of the workforce complied with the mandate to be vaccinated by Thursday

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WINDSOR, Ont. -A hospital in southwestern Ontario says it has fired 57 employees who did not get vaccinated against COVID-19.

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Windsor Regional Hospital says it has also suspended six “professional staff” people who had privileges to practice at the facility but were not employees — on what it describes as a “midterm facility.”

It says 4,155 employees and professionals, about 98.5 percent of the workforce, adhered to its immunization policy.

The hospital says 32 of those who refused to be vaccinated were clinical staff, while 25 were non-clinical.

The hospital set a deadline Thursday for staff to receive their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine unless they had a medical reason not to get shot.

It says 147 employees who had not received their first dose before September 22 were placed on unpaid leave for two weeks, as described in a policy announced on September 3.

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