Alleged theft of Nancy Pelosi’s laptop results in charges for a woman in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania woman was charged Thursday with stealing the house’s speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during riots in the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Riley Williams, 22, was also charged with selling or disposing of the Hewlett-Packard computer, which has not yet been found, according to KDKA-TV from Pittsburgh.

Williams was arrested in January after investigators watched cell phone video allegedly taken by her, which allegedly showed her taking the laptop from Pelos’ office during riots, but the Justice Department waited eight months to formally charge her.

The suspect was released at home with an ankle monitor, United Press International reported.

Riley Williams, 22, is charged with theft of Nancy Pelosi's laptop, authorities said.

Riley Williams, 22, is charged with theft of Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, authorities said.
(Dauphin County Jail)

Witnesses have told investigators that Williams intended to sell the laptop, possibly to another government. The suspect denied these allegations, which investigators have not said they have confirmed.

“[Witness 1] stated that WILLIAMS intended to send the computer device to a friend in Russia, who then planned to sell the device to SVR, Russia’s foreign intelligence service, “said an investigator according to Politico. According to [Witness 1], the transfer of the computer device to Russia fell through for unknown reasons, and WILLIAMS still has the computer device or destroyed it. “

Rebels stormed the US capital on January 6, 2021.

Rebels stormed the US capital on January 6, 2021.
(Associated Press)

Williams faces several other crimes and misdemeanors, including a new one to resist or assault police, UPI reported.


Williams is one of more than 50 people from Pennsylvania and hundreds of suspects from across the country who have been arrested in connection with riots, KDKA reported.

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