Fri. May 20th, 2022

Andy Murray (pictured left) with his wedding ring and tennis shoes and (pictured right) his wife Kim Sears respond.

Andy Murray (pictured left) had his wedding ring returned after it was stolen, which put him back in the ‘good books’ with his wife Kim Sears (pictured right). (Photos: Instagram / Getty Images)

Andy Murray said he is ‘back in the good books’ after his shoes and wedding ring were returned after a desperate plea to the public for help.

Murray took to social media last Friday after his tennis shoes and wedding ring were stolen after a workout at Indian Wells.

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Murray married Kim Sears in 2005 and, like many tennis players, removes his wedding ring when he trains or plays.

The triple grand slam champion has always tied the ring to one of his laces and did so when he attended a training session ahead of his opener in the Indian Wells tournament against Frenchman Adrian Mannarino.

However, Murray took to social media to explain how his wedding ring disappeared and asked for ‘help’.

Murray’s announcement went far and wide, but after a few hours Murray returned with a more optimistic message.

“I just want to send a quick message to say a huge thank you for all the messages and also to everyone for sharing the story of the shoes and the wedding ring,” he said.

“(I) had to make a few calls today and chat with the security of the hotel and everything.

“Little update for everyone,” he said as he lifted his shoes into view.

“Will you believe it, they still stink absolutely, but the shoes are back, the wedding ring is back, and I’m back in the good books. Let’s go.”

Andy Murray’s plea to the public

Murray took to social media overnight to ask for help after announcing he was in the ‘bad books’ with his wife.

“Last night after dinner in Indian Wells, I sat back in the car to go back to the hotel and it did not smell good. I had left my tennis shoes there … it has been 38-39 degrees, so shoes are damp, sweaty and smelly, “Murray said in the video.

“When I got back to the hotel, I decided that the shoes needed some air, I needed to dry them out a little … I have no balcony in my room and would not leave them in my room to stink in. space out.

“So I thought I would leave the shoes under the car … overnight. When I got back to the car in the morning, the shoes were gone. I had to go to a local pro store to buy different shoes for what I usually wear … which is not the end of the world, but not ideal.

“I was preparing for my practice when my physio said to me ‘where is your wedding ring?’ And I was like ‘oh no’ …. So yeah, my ring has been stolen too.

Luckily, Murray got his wedding ring back and his smelly shoes.

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