Angie Kent wishes she got girls on bachelorette instead of The Blokes

We are getting ready for our first bisexual leading lady ever Bachelorette 2021 with living legend Brooke Blurton, but formerly Bachie Angie Kent can not help but feel that she was skinned and honestly I do not blame her.

During an interview with the good people at TV -uge, Angie, who is pansexual, said she lamented that she was “sewn with a bunch of deep average blocks” on her season back in 2019, rather than being able to date both men and women.

She added that she was “just kidding” but I am does not. I wish she had that chance too!

“I wish I knew it was an option because I’m pansexual,” Angie pointed out.

Angie with one of the mentioned “deep average blocks”.

That said, she’s also super excited about Brooke and is eager to see the new season unfold!

“I can’t wait to see Brooke be our first native and bisexual bachelorette!” Added Angie.

Angie is one of the best (if not THE best) bachelorette courses we’ve had, in my opinion. Not only was her season one and a half and a half to watch (unlike recent stinker seasons), but as a person, she was adorable and entertaining, and you were truly rooted in her!

But unfortunately, as she put it, she was “sewn up” with some not so great characters (let’s not forget that her season gave us similar Ciarran Stott and Timm Hanly * voms *).

Angie with another said “deep average blocks”.

She offered some advice to Brooke and told her she should just have fun with it and enjoy the ride.

“She looks really serious about it, which is good, but you have to have fun,” Kent said. “I hope she gets laughed too.”

Angie is reunited with her best friend Yvie Jones, the absolute icon that starred alongside her on Gogglebox, I’m a celeb, and even appeared in a coupla Bachelorette eps (I’m thinking of “Do you really want to date someone with an intended name like Carlin?” at least once a week), for a spicy podcast.

The poddy is called Two girls a pod and have the girls chat away and shoot the shit but totally unfiltered.

Listen to it and get an instant boost of serotonin.

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