Thu. May 19th, 2022

Chifley Shops Street Library damage

Chifley Shops Street Library was the victim of vandalism on Tuesday. Photo: Lil Street Libraries.

How could anyone be so cruel?

On Tuesday, those who usually pick up a book to read from the Chifley Shops Street Library were greeted with nothing but ruins. A horrible act was committed on the beloved bookcase, which completely destroyed the library and all the books inside.

These books were kindly donated by the public for the benefit of the community.

The founders of the unofficial governing body of street libraries in the Canberra / Queanbeyan region, “Lil Street Libraries ”, Shah Petreski and Roz Martiniello were made aware of the damage to the Chifley Shops and were instantly furious.

“It’s devastating and just plain junk. You just can not believe that anyone would do it, ”said Mrs Martiniello.

However, it is not all doom and gloom. Known in the Lil Street Library community as “LSL Superhero”, a man who at this point chooses to remain anonymous, came to the rescue of the street library on Wednesday.

LSL Superhero had the bookcase to look as good as new in the afternoon and later in the day another particularly generous member of the community filled it with books.

Chifley Shops Street Library

An anonymous hero came to the rescue of the street library on Wednesday. It was filled with books again before the end of the day. Photo: Lil Street Libraries.

Believed to be a retiree from the south of Canberra, the local hero says it was the Canberra spirit that was his biggest inspiration for fixing the library so quickly.

“I just love the spirit of community in Canberra and hope to encourage others to be like-minded. I especially love that kids enjoy the libraries and the gardens. What the community is doing at Mawson Ponds is absolutely amazing and should be recognized. I’m hoping to slip another little library into Cooleman Court this weekend, so keep an eye out. ”

“We can all do ours in every possible way, right? The ACT government supports local communities being active as long as they are aware of others and consider safety in and around the projects, ”said LSL Superhero.

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Lil Street Libraries’ Shah Petreski said it’s far from the first time the mystery man has helped the street library community.

“We first met him in 2019.”

“Sometimes he says ‘Shah, I have a street library here, does anyone want that?’ There is always someone who wants it and he does not charge them for his time. ”

“If they’re on the south side around the Woden / Weston Creek area, he’ll even sometimes install it for them,” she said.

To stay up to date with street libraries in the region and potentially one day discover the identity of our anonymous local hero, follow Lil Street Libraries Facebook page.

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