Brexit voter amazes Question Time Fiona Bruce with most reception of Brexit

BBC Question Time

BBC presenter Fiona Bruce interacted with an audience member who voted for Brexit

An audience member surprised BBC Question Time host Fiona Bruce on Thursday night when they revealed that they were voting for Brexit – and said that Britain is now facing the terrible consequences of leaving the EU.

The panel discussed the ongoing supply chain problems across the country triggered by a shortage of HGV drivers and employees from abroad.

The member of the public said: “I think there is a bit of an irony now that we are discussing Brexit because, in my opinion, there were many who voted for Brexit because they did not want foreign workers to come here and take our jobs.

“And now that’s exactly what we have – we have a shortage of foreign workers, and that’s why we have this shortage.”

Bruce then frowned and said, “Can I just hear from someone who voted for Brexit?”

She added: “The majority here voted for Brexit. We choose this audience very carefully to be representative. I’m assuming you did not vote for Brexit? ”

He replied, “I actually did.”

Seemingly surprised, Bruce then turned away to move question marks.

The clip was a hit on Twitter when it was shared by anti-Brexit campaigner Femi Oluwole, who called it “the best #BBQQT clip ever”.

Brexit is believed to be partly responsible for the series of crises Britain has faced in recent weeks.

The lack of fuel on petrol pumps, the empty supermarket shelves and fears of greater shortages at Christmas are issues facing countries around Europe.

But leaving the EU has exacerbated Britain’s problems as it meant a wave of overseas workers left Britain.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has portrayed the current supply chain issues as dental problems before Britain can develop into a “highly paid, highly educated” workforce.

Meanwhile, a severe winter is expected ahead as energy prices rise and supermarket goods rise in price.

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