Cameron Munster’s contract was almost terminated by Melbourne Storm

Munster is seen as the No. 1 target for the second Brisbane franchise to enter the competition in 2023. Without a contract at the end of the 2023 season with Melbourne, Munster himself has said he would entertain a homecoming.

Melbourne Storm Chairman Matt Tripp.

Melbourne Storm Chairman Matt Tripp. Credit:Arsineh Houspian

But Tripp said the latest incident proved why Munster was best served by staying with the Storm.

“By returning home to Melbourne, he will be back in the environment where he thrives best and where he has played his best football,” Tripp said. “When Cameron is home, he has structure in his life.

“When he’s been to Queensland, the focus is always on you, especially with a player with the profile he has.

“There is much less of it down here, and he enjoys the routine of going to training and going home. He also has a baby on the way, which will be a real positive for him – it will be the most positive thing that happens in his life.

“By refraining from drinking for 12 months, completing rehabilitation, being back in Melbourne, his hometown and having a great pre-season, we will see the old Cameron Munster back.

“He has often told me he wants to end his career in Melbourne. I have told him that Melbourne Storm is the best place to watch his career. ”

Munster, Brandon Smith and Chris Lewis, who all appeared in a video partying in a hotel room with what appeared to be a white drug, were punished earlier this week, with many fans complaining that the ban on one battle was too easy.

“I think it’s bizarre that people have said the punishment is too light – I do not think a punishment like that has been imposed for many years,” Tripp said.


“There is not a major penalty when you consider what we are proposing to these guys, yes certainly Cameron that there is a strong chance that his contract will be torn up if he steps out of line again. It’s as serious as it gets.

“They were done putting the game to shame. We can all wonder what was on the table [in the video]. But we could only handle the evidence in front of us. Their words were good enough for the NRL and their words were good enough for the club. They have been punished accordingly. ”

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