Children’s app creator Luke Tregloan spared jail for filming women and possession of child abuse material

A man in Adelaide who “violated” women for his own sexual gratification by secretly indecently filming them through their windows and then photographing their mail so he could put names to his victims has been jailed.

Luke Spencer Tregloan, 46, pleaded guilty to indecently filming seven women in Adelaide’s inner south between 2017 and 2019.

The Highgate father of two also pleaded guilty to possession of child abuse material and using a transportation service to access child abuse material.

The South Australian High Court heard that Tregloan would go for a run at night with his dog and that if he saw a light and women were undressed, he would film them so he could watch the footage later.

Tregloan often entered private property to film through his victims’ bedroom and bathroom windows.

The court heard he also took pictures of their mail so he “could put a name on a face”.

“If you run past again, you would know that this was where someone you had filmed lived,” Judge Joana Fuller told Tregloan during sentencing.

“You said that because you were the only person who knew about the footage, you did not consider that your actions had any negative impact on your victims.”

A blond man in a suit walks in front of shops while a female reporter chases him with a microphone
Tregloan out of court after sentencing.(

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Several of Tregloan’s victims told the court earlier that they felt “offended” and had lost their safety and security in their own home.

Some victims could not be identified.

Judge Fuller said Tregloan’s violation began after the educational children’s app he developed failed to be successful and he felt stressed.

“How you could have thought no harm was done because no one would ever know what you had done is hard to understand.

“Although the victim’s origins were opportunistic, you had then indecently filmed victims one by two, but I find that you were actively seeking opportunities to film other victims.”

Tregloan ‘not a pedophile’, says judge

Judge Fuller said Tregloan “was not a pedophile” and that his violation of child abuse was at the lower end of the spectrum.

South Australian District Court Judge Joana Fuller.
Judge Joana Fuller said Tregloan committed a “gross violation of privacy.”(

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She accepted that he was remorseful and ashamed, had stopped his violations on his own and had actively sought treatment.

Judge Fuller sentenced Tregloan to a total of three years and three months in custody with his parents.

He will be eligible for parole in November 2023.


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