Detective will deny charges of release of Dani Laidley photographs

A detective will deny charges, including misdemeanors in public office over the circulation of a photograph of former AFL coach Dani Laidley taken inside a police station.

Detective’s senior senior constable Murray Gentner is one of at least three officers who have been charged in an investigation into how pictures of Mrs Laidley were circulated after they were taken inside the station. The images entered the public domain and were published on social media and in some other media.

Detective Leading Senior Constable Murray Gentner.

Detective Leading Senior Constable Murray Gentner.Credit:Joe Armao

Mrs Laidley, the former North Melbourne coach and player, was interviewed inside St Kilda police station in May last year after she was arrested for stalking.

A mugshot and a photograph of Mrs Laidley interviewed by two officers while wearing a wig and make-up were among the images circulated.

Senior Senior Constable Gentner, 43, attended an online hearing in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday when his lawyer, Chris Carr, SC, confirmed that the officer was planning to fight charges of misconduct in public office, access to a police database and four matters of disclosure of police information without reasonable excuse.

Prosecutors allege that the detective distributed at least one photograph of Mrs Laidley and other information to other men, including the comment “now a full-blown ice head and tranny”.

A court sketch by Dani Laidley from last year.

A court sketch by Dani Laidley from last year.Credit:Nine news

Up to eight police will be called as witnesses in a disputed hearing to begin on February 23, and Mr Carr said the three-day hearing would focus on the disclosure, access and circulation of the images.

“Many facts will not be in conflict, but there will be some questions about what my client has had access to and what others have had access to,” Carr told Friday’s administrative hearing. A magistrate alone will judge the detective’s case and decide the verdict.

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