Sat. May 21st, 2022

A student who is forced to resume a year at the University of Manchester has received enormous public support.

The situation arose after Wenbin Gup, 22, was unable to take his targeted clinical trial after being contacted by the NHS Test and Trace service.

Despite immediately informing the university and discussing the situation with them, third-year medical students have not been given another opportunity to resume exams.

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Wenbin has since filed an appeal to the university to try to get them to change their position on the matter.

The situation has seen our readers express their support for Wenbin, where Neoblue says, “Good luck with the exam and hope you get an earlier opportunity.”

SteveLumby added: “hope you win your appeal”, where BetnodBetting offers support by wishing Wenbin: “Good luck m8.”

0ccamsRazor also added: “Good luck Wenbin, hope you get the exam results you want.”

However, not all readers were sympathetic to Zhra, who said: “It happens to all of us. Just be thankful that you are still breathing normally! “

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PGriffin added bluntly: “Such is life.”

But most were in Wenbin’s corner, where many expressed their disappointment at the university’s handling of the situation.

Bobbybananas said: “I personally would expect more from an institution whose sole purpose is to teach and incorporate learning into its students.”

They also pointed out: “Irony in a ‘medical education company’ punishing a medical student for following the advice of government medical experts.”

Another reader, Pen71, expressed their concerns, saying: “Sometimes I wonder if people who run universities are more interested in £ £ £ £ £ £ on their bank accounts than taking a clinical look at the situation.”

RonnieClef also added: “Seems confusing that they were not prepared for such circumstances in ‘normal’ years, let alone during a pandemic.”

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Some readers further sympathized with Wenbin’s situation, where DONUTCOCONUT said: “Medical students have to fund far more than the usual tuition fees to train as doctors. A whole extra year of funding is a mountain of a problem for everyone. ”

Wmill0 added: “Whatever happened with mitigating circumstances. I really feel with you, all the hard work down the drain, so sad. ”

Some were philosophical about the situation where IBDRocks gave advice: “It may seem hard and a big disadvantage now, but in 10 years you will be so grateful for the extra year of life as a student.”

Juicy Aggie added: “You will ultimately have a great job with a great income, comfortable life. The only downside you have is a year behind. ”

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