Four VIFF movies to watch online (and only in the theater) this long weekend Scout Magazine

A holiday long weekend full of rain and copious amounts of food is a great reason for a movie binge! With the 40th annual Vancouver International Film Festival, ending Monday, October 11, we hurried to put together this list of a handful of choices you could watch from home while stumbling on tryptophan (plus an exclusive in the theater, for those who anxiously seek an excuse to get out).

Rock Bottom Riser

A rocky rumor about the controversial construction of a telescope in a sacred Hawaiian volcano, Rock Bottom Riser is a collage of fascinating visuals and twisted yet entertaining associations — from astrological theories and a class study of Paul Simon’s “I Am A Rock,” to Dwayne Johnson and a hypnotic, technology-laden scene with steamy stunts.


If you, like me, are a sucker for a good / nice and sounding biopic, then Havel probably also has your name. Dark and stylish, this period (late 1960s-80s) film tells the story of the transformation of the real Czech icon, Václav Havel, from playwright to president.

The sex

A revealing real-life investigation into the mystery of the six Chinese survivors aboard the Titantic. Immerse yourself in a compelling, untold 20th century story by adding The sex to your movie queue this weekend.

Money has four legs

Are you looking for some lies this weekend? Despite her ugly associations (author / producer Ma Aeint has been locked up for months without trial) or perhaps in full awareness of their irony, this little comedy from Myanmar, about a filmmaker fighting within the framework of state censorship, looks promising for kl. at least a few laughs.

Paris, 13th arrondissement (The Olympic Games)

If you want some inspiration to remove your butt from your own couch and instead sit it on a theater seat (or looking for a good excuse to escape your family on the weekend), the new feature from French filmmaker Jacques Audiard (The Sisters Brothers, Rust and bones, A prophet) can be. A black-and-white, comedy-drama love triangle story that focused on three beautiful 30s on a beautiful Parisian background, Paris, 13th arrondissement may sound basic on paper. But if you know the director and / or any of the leading cast, it’s clearly much, much more.

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