Wed. May 18th, 2022



Are you a local artist looking to make your big break or experiment with a new show idea? If the answer is yes, Apt613 is pleased to announce the return of the Fresh Meat Festival in 2021.

For almost a decade, this festival has served as that place for local artists and theater creators — both new and experienced — to showcase their talent and try new ideas.

This year, the producers of Fresh Meat are happy to announce their line-up for their 10th annual performance festival, also called Fresh Meat 10!

Fans of theater and art will have the opportunity to attend up to 12 different shows that run through the weekends 14-16. October and 21-23. October. You can choose to book advanced tickets to one of 10 personal performances in the Arts Court Studio or one of two livestreamed events.

* Please note that if you are planning to participate in a performance IRL, please document that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, always wear face masks and make sure you respect all other provincial health guidelines. *

Performances include:

Juliana: the story of a nun-influencer from the 15th century who wants to publish a book about animals but faces some unexpected problems along the way. This show is written by the upcoming playwright Cullen Elijah McGrail along with Alli Harris, the composer of Toasted Theaters original show Lauren and Amanda do it, performance of music and lyrics.

THOSE WHO SAY YES: a brand new show that comes straight out of the pandemic and helps us understand it better. Unlike most plays, this one takes a completely different direction without plot and consistent characters and presents a cartoon style instead. This show is a production of local performance artist and theater producer Matt Miwa, whose work (albeit silent) has a strong message to share; and also has Lola Ryan, a dancer, teacher, poet and writer with a love of growth and change.

GOREgeous: written and directed by Cappie Award winner Nick Gray, and also features Curran Hall, Megan Maclean and Julie Mathison. This show explores the lives of two teenagers who survive a post-zombie apocalypse and fight hunger and abandonment.

Promotional photo for GOREgeous. Photo provided by Fresh Meat.

For more information on Fresh Meat’s full line up and time schedule, visit their website. Shows begin every night at 19:30 with personal performances in the Arts Court Studio (2 Daly Ave). Tickets for personal shows cost $ 25 each, while tickets for livestream shows range from $ 5 to $ 50 based on “what you can”.



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