Sat. May 21st, 2022

PS hears that production is also taking over Palm Bay Resort on Long Island, recreating a Balinese paradise. The big names will be expected to be ferried around the islands on a fleet of luxury helicopters.

The two-month filming covers much of Queensland, including Pentecost.

The two-month filming covers much of Queensland, including Pentecost.Credit:Getty

Federal Art Minister Paul Fletcher has previously revealed that production will receive a $ 6.4 million grant from the government’s investment incentive program. Production, which will employ 270 crews and crews, also pumps much-needed money — worth $ 47 million — most into the local economy, which has been decimated by the pandemic, border closures and travel bans.

Building flash

The renovation boom that swept Sydney during the pandemic, which is estimated to be worth up to a billion dollars a month, has also come at a high price in other ways.

Seven Network Commercial Director Bruce McWilliam.

Seven Network Commercial Director Bruce McWilliam.Credit:Wayne Taylor

Seven Network Commercial Director Bruce McWilliam ended up in land and environmental law this week over a new stairway approval he applied to the Woollahra Council for an investment property.

The staircase, part of a complete renovation designed by Blainey North, was hidden in the property’s garden and had not drawn any objection from neighbors even though the council had refused to approve them.

McWilliam managed to win his case this week, but agrees that the cost of the stairs was probably equal to the legal battle he has been through to get them there.

Over in Bronte, celebrity real estate agent Leanne Lewis has been in the Land and Environment Court after the Waverley Local Council rejected her plans to add another floor to her Bronte home.

Lewis, who is currently shooting the second season of (un) reality real estate in Sydney Luxury listings, declined to comment when PS called. However, it is understood that she has lived in the area for more than a decade and needs to expand the home to accommodate her growing children.

No word on whether the drama will be included in the TV show.

D'Leanne Lewis, Simon Cohen and Gavin Rubinstein, in Luxe Listings Sydney.

D’Leanne Lewis, Simon Cohen and Gavin Rubinstein, in Luxe Listings Sydney.Credit:Amazon Prime Video

Back to business

While James Packer trying to relieve his IJE superyacht of $ 280 million – about $ 80 million more than he paid for it – his old partner Lachlan Murdoch has started counting down the days before the arrival of his new floating big boy’s toy, a delicious sailboat.

Dutch shipbuilder Royal Huisman plans to have the new boat ready for spring in the northern hemisphere.

If all goes according to plan, US-based Murdoch and his family (wife) will Sarah and their three children live in Sydney, while father commutes between Australia and the United States for the foreseeable future) could be on board around March.

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Lachlan Murdoch at Sydney Morning Herald190th birthday earlier this year. Credit:Jessica Hromas

But the alleged $ 150 million building is shrouded in secrecy and has not been given one, but according to Financial review in April, two code names: Project 404 and MM597.

Either way, in about the same length as an Olympic swimming pool, it promises to give a splash. According to promotional material: “The exterior design is sleek, yet striking, and embodies Royal Huisman’s spirit of individuality ‘; it is meant to cut an impressive shape on the water and serve her to a rightful place as one of the most iconic sailing superyachts floating. ”

Murdoch has been busy marking milestones in recent weeks: his 50th birthday, his father Rupert’s belated 90th birthday and his controversial American news network Fox’s 25th anniversary, which the Murdochs bathed in the New York Empire State Building in red, white and blue this week.

Meanwhile, the Packers’ IJE has been steaming around the French Riviera this week, not far from where another billionaire has shown off his latest floating palace.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg bought an ultra-luxury yacht called Ulysses for about $ 200 million at the Monaco Yacht Show last month, which was also where IJE was on display for potential buyers.

Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, has been using the 107 meter long yacht for the past five months.

It’s a test drive.

Off the court and into a bikini

Sydney’s “eyebrow queen”, 36-year-old cosmetologist Kristin “Rio” Fisher, managed to get over her “terrible mistake” just hours after her conviction for cocaine possession was overturned Wednesday by Waverley Local Court.

Kristin Fisher arrives at Waverley Local Court on Wednesday with her attorney Michael Bowe.

Kristin Fisher arrives at Waverley Local Court on Wednesday with her attorney Michael Bowe.Credit:Rhett Wyman

Within hours of appearing in court, the mother of two was back to her old tricks: posting bikini selfies on Instagram and praising her good friend Shelley Barrett, the founder of the ModelCo cosmetics brand and furniture for the social scene, who had written a glowing character reference offered to the court on Fisher’s behalf.

Fisher’s attorney Michael Bowe also told the court that his client was very much looking forward to opening his luxurious Double Bay salon next week after lasting months of lockdown and trying to keep on top of the $ 30,000 a month rental bill.

Back to the company: Kristin Fisher's bikini selfie on Instagram.

Back to the company: Kristin Fisher’s bikini selfie on Instagram.Credit:Instagram

He said Fisher intended to donate a percentage of her turnover to help native children, having developed a connection to the local indigenous community when she grew up in Broome before attending boarding school in Perth.

No doubt the joint will be, ahem, buzzing.

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