George Kambosos vs Teofimo Lopez set for November under Matchroom banner

George Kambosos’ delayed World Cup match against lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez is set to take place in November with new promoters Matchroom to announce a formal announcement of the planned match.

The new order of events was spurred by the IBF’s decision to find Triller, previous campaigns of the match, by default, after trying to move the match from 5 October to 17 October without Aussies approval.

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Triller originally beat Eddie Hearns Matchroom for the purse strings with a $ 7.6 million offer, but could not settle for a date that left the match hanging for most of the year.

The company accused Kambosos of demanding $ 414,000 for its signature along with having its share of the wallet deposited as they tried to move the match for the fifth time within weeks of the event.

In a speech to Wide World of Sports, Kambosos flatly denied asking for more money, saying that if money was the issue, he would not have lobbied the IBF to get involved as both fighters looked at career purses.

“There was a lot of talk about wanting more money. We told them we did not want anything we just wanted to fight against,” Kambosos said.

“We told them to deposit the money, which is exactly what Lopez’s team asked for after we took a stand.

“We did not ask for extra money, all we asked for was that the money be deposited and they could not do it.

“Then the IBF got involved and they were tired of all the date changes and they made the right decision. Triller’s story now.”

Since the match is staged under the Matchroom banner, both fighters will still look at career-high purses, but Kambosos stands to do a little less. He would have taken $ 3 million home for the fight under the old deal, but now stands to make a touch over $ 1.6 million (AUD).

This figure will be amplified by the $ 1.6 million deposit Triller lost to the IBF, which will be split between the two fighters, with Lopez getting 75 percent and Camboso’s 25 percent. In all, the Sydney fighter will take home over $ 2 million.

Triller’s handling of the case cost the company millions and ruined its reputation in the boxing world. Kambosos believes the promotion struggled to implement the plan rather than not giving its world champion shot the respect it deserves. As for the money, the challenge is not a hassle, saying people expected him to follow Triller because he got paid more under their deal, but he does not roll like that.

“The money comes and goes at the end of the day. We can not take that money with us. People think I lose a lot of money when you figure it out, it’s not too much. But it’s not about that. “It’s about honor. The legacy. My focus has always been on winning those belts,” he said.

There were also reports that the two warriors would take legal action against Triller for the remaining money owed to their individual wallets. Kambosos closed the talk of going through the courts to recover this money and said they were both willing to do some of it back through the lost deposit.

“It’s not even my concern, and it’s not even in my eyes. I saw something about Lopez wanting to sue. He can do whatever he wants. I’m not greedy, I’m just focused on the fight.”

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