A Google director is reaching out to help Apple adopt RCS, a new communications protocol called Rich Communication Services for iPhone and iPad that would replace standard SMS and offer enhanced platform-aware messaging features.

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IN a tweet, Said Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s senior vice president of Android, that “group chats do not have to break this way”, referring to a sub-tweet about the inconvenience that Android and ‌iPhone‌ users have in communicating via messaging. Referring to the RCS Protocol, Lockheimer goes on to say that there is a “really clear solution” and that he is offering an “open invitation to the people who can do this right”, with the “people” in question. about, is a reference to Apple.

Google has been rolling out RCS for the past several years, and in July, all three major airlines in the United States promised to adopt RCS, which compared to SMS offers support for higher quality photos and videos, audio messaging, improved security and better group chats.

With RCS, message from Android to Android is completely encrypted from end to end. In contrast, Android for ‌iPhone‌ communication will often be referred to as the “green bubble” being less secure due to Apple’s unwillingness to adopt RCS.

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