Habitat for brewery found in South Melbourne

Brewmanity Beer Co will soon bring a lot more of their basic principles of good beer, good deeds and good times, after winning the council’s approval to build a multi-level home in south Melbourne.

Tipped to open on Tope Street in February next year at a location next to the Bells Hotel, a new 12-hectolitre brewery will have a dedicated building, while a planned beer hall (and a roof space above overlooking the Melbourne city skyline) will be located in an old glass factory.

The announcement comes after a long journey for contract brewers to find a home of their own since its launch in 2015, which even included almost signing a lease in nearby Prahran in March last year before the deal fell through in COVID-19 uncertain times.

But for co-founder and former Melbourne Football Club captain David Neitz, it’s a perfect result, all things considered, for the business, as the region south of the city is witnessing a burgeoning brewing scene emerge. It’s also a move that will see their beer in more hands than ever before, which will ultimately increase their ability to support their big charity partner FightMND in finding a cure for motor neurone disease. For every beer Brewmanity sells, a contribution is made to the cause, and they have been able to raise $ 250,000 and count since.

“Obviously a lot of focus has been on the north from a craft beer perspective, but for us it’s really exciting to be a part of this new scene south of Yarra,” David said. Beer & Brewer (pictured below). “We are very aware that we are still in a COVID environment, but we hope that when we open our doors, that even though we may not be in a completely post-COVID world, we will be in a much better position to control things and get things started. ”

After entering into a contract with e.g. Colonial and Hawkers past and currently with Holgate, Brewmanity will continue this arrangement for some of their production. But with a new cockpit room for service, and the hunt for a main brewery now underway, David said the possibility of creating cans and barrels with limited release internally and branching out to styles they had not necessarily been able to afford in the past was ” the most exciting thing about this whole plan “.

“We’ve been around for almost seven years now and you’re thinking ‘how can you possibly survive without your own place for so long?’ But we have been lucky in terms of our off-premise support, from e.g. Independent bottle shops and also Coles and Woolies. So we have found ourselves in a reasonable position, but it has been a hard blow at times.

“But with this big next step, we are really excited to bring things home, especially with new and exciting innovative beers. We can not wait for that. ”

After the deal to set up shop in Prahran was off the table, David and co-founder Jamie Fox Bells met hotel owner Sam Tresise through a “friend of a friend”, which in turn led them to settle in their current location. and for Sam to come aboard Brewmanity as a business partner.

Sam had a desire to get involved in brewing before he spoke to us, but he knows he’s a publicist, and he said, ‘I have no real idea about the brewing side, and you have no idea about being a publicist. , so maybe this is an opportunity for us to get together and do what each other is good at and make something happen ‘. And that’s probably what happened. ”

Keep an eye out for developments in Brewmanity’s new home that are becoming a reality via their Facebook page.

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