Hamilton returns to Sydney’s Lyric Theater from 19 October

By the time Hamiltons Schuyler’s sisters – Chloezuel, Akina Edmonds and Elandrah Eramiha – will take the stage at the Lyric Theater on October 19, they will have missed 133 performances of the musical. So when they restarted the exercises this week, it was a bit of a shock.

“It felt like the first day of rehearsals and, like, auditions actually,” says Edmonds, who plays Angelica Schuyler. “Like, sweat everywhere. But I would be lying if I said I was not nervous. ”

Elandrah Eramiha (left) Akina Edmonds and Chloezuel return to the Hamilton stage.

Elandrah Eramiha (left) Akina Edmonds and Chloezuel return to the Hamilton stage. Credit:James Brickwood

Addszuel, who plays Eliza: “For a long time we were not sure when we will return – whether it should be this year or next year. We worked so hard the first time to get to where we were. ”

Hamilton closed on June 25, when the lockdown triggered the closure of theaters across the city. Now it will be one of the first musicals to pick up the thread again, as performances are restarted with a capacity of 75 percent and an audience that must be fully vaccinated and wearing masks.

Follow Hamiltons lead will be Get away at the Capitol on October 20, while the Alanis Morissette musical Jagged Little Pill reopens Theater Royal on 2 December Sydney Theater Company returns on 15 November with Julius Caesar, Belvoir premieres Tree Poop Panto on November 20, the Ensemble Theater will reopen with Woman in black on October 20, Hayes Theater returns with Gladly we roll together on October 21 and Seymour Center hosts The Wharf Revy from 23 November.

While the lockout was mentally draining forzuel, she says the big difference between this year’s lockdown and last year’s lockdown was that, unlike many artists, she had a job to come back to. “When I knew I had something to work towards and tried to keep the show form somehow, it kept me focused and driven enough not to spiral.”

Eramiha ,zuel (center) and Edmonds as the Schuyler sisters in Hamilton.

Eramiha ,zuel (center) and Edmonds as the Schuyler sisters in Hamilton.Credit:Daniel Boud

Adding Edmonds: The difficult thing was to try to stay mentally and physically in the show and not have a specific return date. Now there is more focus there, so the challenge comes back in it without having all the expectations of what was. It is now in the past. So that’s the challenge and the balance and the work for me. ”

The break also gave the actor the chance to reset in the middle of a big musical, an option that is hard to get when you hit eight shows a week.

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