Thu. May 26th, 2022

For those locked in NSW, we are a hair away from freedom and see the world open up and return to normalcy. As the finish line gets closer, remember to be safe. We’re all in this, so stay home and if you can, you can book your vaccine.

To help pass the time, we have selected two shows that fall on streaming services to make this weekend just a little easier (after all, who will waste time to find something to see …), plus the show everyone in the world is talking about at the moment.

One of us is lying

One of us lies, Marianly Tejada, Cooper van Grootel, Annalisa Cochran, Chibuikem Uche, Stan
One of us lies stars Annalisa Cochran, Chibuikem Uche, Cooper van Grootel and Marianly Tejada. (Stan)

What: One of us is lying is an American mystery drama for young adults based on the novel of the same name by Karen M. McManus. The series is about five high school students who go to jail, but only four come out alive. After one of the students dies, an investigation emerges that looks closely at the other four students.

The series plays Mark McKenna as Simon, the deceased student (sorry, minor spoilers there), as well as Marianly Tejada as Bronwyn, “the brain”, a reviewer focused on her future, Cooper van Grootel as Nate, the “criminal”, a student and drug dealer on trial, Annalisa Cochrane as Addy, “the princess”, a popular cheerleader and Chibuikem Uche as Cooper, “the jock”, a baseball pitcher with a promising career.

While everyone suspects each other, the four students have to work together to find out what really happened to Simon, while secret after secret is revealed.

Needless to say, One of us is lying contains many of the tropics we have seen many times before. The drama is a bit Breakfast club, slightly Gossip Girl, slightly Pretty Little Liars, and it makes no attempt to deviate from it. Characters regularly name other shows, movies, and genres, including horror and true crime.

When: The first three episodes are available for streaming now, with new episodes released weekly.

Where: Stan.

See if you love: Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Riverdale

What to see after binging it all: The secret circle, Game of Silence, Eden

Octopus game

What: Recently released Octopus game has become a sensation overnight, and rightly so. This series is completely addictive, captivating, twisted and even emotionally charged. Octopus game is one of the best shows on Netflix right now, and one of its most watched ever that surpasses Bridgerton.

This series explores human nature and what people will do when backed into a corner with no way out. Put a lot of money at stake and people will be willing to do almost anything to get it, especially those facing serious consequences of massive debt.

The series features 456 down-on-their-luck players selected and brought to a remote island to play a variety of childhood games. But here’s the sick twist: When eliminated from the fights to break the rules or lose a round, elimination means death.

The most surprising thing about Octopus game is its surprise global success overnight. The South Korean show can be seen with English subtitles or called with (very thick) American accents. And yes, the internet is the internet means there is a debate about how to look at it Octopus game correct, and there are strong views on both sides (especially since some sites claim that the subtitles are inaccurate).

My view is, any way of looking Octopus game is the right way. The show is full of discovery, twists and some heartbreaking deaths and betrayal. If you have not already done so, binge this immediately.

When: Stream all episodes of season 1 now.

Where: Netflix.

See if you love: Alice in Borderland, Dead Set, Dark

What to see after binging it all: Hostages, For life

Survivor (Season 40)

What: You can not talk about reality TV without talking about Survivor U.S. The show, which premiered in May 2000, has been a hit series for over 21 years, clocking 40 seasons and has also spawned over 50 international versions.

This year, Survivor Season 41 has a back-to-basics approach. It drops recurring players and season-long twists in favor of a condensed version of the game we all love. Traditionally, a game that is 39 days long has been trimmed down to just 26 days.

READ MORE: Everything you need to know about Survivor season 41

For such a long-running show, Survivor misses no beat. It’s the 41st season to be as compelling as the first, with new twists and turns and players determined to win $ 1 million (USD) and the title Sole Survivor.

The role of this season includes Ph.D. student Evvie Jagoda, Survivor superfan Jarius Robinson, stay-at-home mom Heather Aldret and National Football League player Danny McCray.

Where: 9 Nu.

See if you love: The amazing race, Older brother

What to see after binging it all: Married at First sight, The weakest link

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