‘I was covered in urine after a fit on the London train and the staff told me it was causing delays’

A single mother who collapsed during a fit on a train was left ‘covered in her own urine’, saying railway staff paralyzed her brother for ‘delaying the train’ while he tried to help.

29-year-old Nichelle Kelleher from Brixton, London, was traveling from London Bridge to Hastings when the incident took place.

Railway company Southeastern has said it has launched an investigation after shocking footage of Nichelle’s trials was uploaded to Instagram, MyLondon reports.

She alleged that the staff refused his brother’s requests for help as he “delayed the train”.

In the footage, an employee can be heard saying “you do not have an epileptic seizure now, do you?” after Nichelle had regained consciousness.

Mom 'covered in tears' after fit on train, staff say brother 'caused delay' while helping
Other passengers were ready to look after the single mother when she arrived

Nichelle explained: “I was just so mad, I was covered in urine.

“I found a way to get to the toilet alone, I got sick, it was horrible, it was just really ugly.”

Later in the video, Nichelle tells an employee, “And you said you did not care that I had an epileptic seizure.”

They respond: “I said I did not care what he said because he delayed the train.

Mom 'covered in tears' after fit on train, staff say brother 'caused delay' while helping
The train company Southeastern has launched an investigation

“If you had one now, I would take care of you, I would be worried, but you do not have it right now, and he delayed our train.

“You’re more than welcome to post this on social media or wherever you want to post it, but no, I did not care what your brother said because he delayed the train.”

Thankfully, Nichelle said astonished passengers did not care and offered her tissues when she arrived.

She also claims she believes the incident was racistly motivated.

Mom 'covered in tears' after fit on train, staff say brother 'caused delay' while helping
She said she is now afraid of getting back to southeast trains

“I certainly also think it was a race issue because I’m a black woman, he thinks’ either she’s a liar or I do not care about her health or her well-being, ” she added.

“I just thought I would film what I thought would be some microaggression, but I did not expect him to be as rude as he was.

“I’m tired of telling stories to people and they say, ‘it did not happen that way,’ like an infidel.

“Small microaggressions and stuff like that happen regularly.”

Mom 'covered in tears' after fit on train, staff say brother 'caused delay' while helping
An employee even dared Nichelle to upload the footage to social media

Now Nichelle worries about getting on southeast trains when she travels alone.

She said: “I’ve used different trains, I’ve not been on a Southeastern train since then, and I’ve missed work because I’m so anxious.

“I’m nervous and I’m scared of what if it happens to me again and with all possibilities it will probably happen again.”

A company spokesman said: “We are concerned about this recording and a team is investigating the incident thoroughly.

“We take the welfare of all our passengers very seriously. Our colleagues are trained to help everyone who is ill on board our trains, and to treat all our customers with both courtesy and respect.

“It is absolutely right that we end our investigation before deciding what appropriate measures to take.

“We can not comment on an ongoing investigation, but we are committed to a strict approach in accordance with our robust policies.”

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