Tue. May 17th, 2022

Motorists have reacted with rage after insulators from Insulate Britain blocked the M25 during rush hour – as climate activists also stop traffic at an important roundabout in London.

Protesters hold a protest at Junction 25 of the M25 at Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, causing long queues.

A woman trapped in the back told protesters they were “a disgrace, an absolute disgrace”.

“My daughter is late for school,” she said. “You mess with kids’ education because you’re selfish.”

Delivery photo released by Insulate Britain of protesters from Insulate Britain blocking Junction 25 on the M25 motorway at Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire.  Image Date: Friday, October 8, 2021.
Isolate UK protesters blocking M25

Isolate UK protesters also blocked the A501 at the Old Street roundabout in Islington, north London, this morning.

It is the 12th day of protest that the group has carried out in the last four weeks.

Metropolitan Police respond to both demonstrations.

The force said: “We know some activists have used superglue to frustrate our efforts and to delay Londoners even more.

“We are training for these scenarios and have specialist teams available to help remove people and make arrests. We will share more information soon.”

Insulate Britain says about 40 of its protesters are involved in the protests in London and Hertfordshire.

The group admits that its actions on the M25 are in breach of an injunction obtained by the government last month.

However, the group said its “blue light” policy “has always been moving out of the way of” blue light “vehicles turned on”, and shared a video of activists letting an ambulance pass through the blockade.

Tracey Mallagan, a spokeswoman for the group – which calls on the government to isolate all British homes by 2030 to reduce carbon emissions – said: “If governments do not act quickly to reduce emissions, we are facing a dire situation.

“We do not want to worry about the lack of pasta or loo rolls because law and order breaks down quite quickly when there is not enough food to go around.

“The government will not speculate on whether there are enough hospital beds or fans, but whether there are enough people left to bury the dead.

“The government is destroying our country. Boris Johnson should be taken to court for treason. Our flesh and blood are being thrown aside as consumer goods.”

The Secretary of Transport branded them as “glued fools” and said existing laws should be tightened up for them “off the road”.

Grant Shapps told LBC: “It’s dangerous, it’s really outrageous, and ironically it probably contributes to pollution when cars idle and wait for their rubbish … to wear out of the way.”

Delivery photo released by Insulate Britain of Insulate Britain protesters blocking Old Street roundabout in central London.  Image Date: Friday, October 8, 2021.
Protesters have blocked the Old Street roundabout in Islington, north London

He added: “These people can go to jail for what they do.

“I very much imagine that the courts will look very faintly at the view that they are ignoring a restraining order. It can be unlimited fines, it can be six months in prison, we have actively served individuals door to door – over 100 have been served.

“And I think we’ll start to see the courts have a very, very weak view and lock some of these people in. That’s unacceptable.”

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