Thu. May 19th, 2022

A truck has crashed after hitting a railroad crossing in South Melbourne near the infamous Montague Street bridge.

A large truck hit the level crossing and forced the closure of City Road in both directions between Montague Street and Cecil Street this morning.

Bridges in south Melbourne have required dozens of trucks over the years. (Nine)

The truck was finally removed by crews just after 11.30am and traffic has slowly reopened.

The nearby Montague Street Bridge caught a truck in its clutches less than a month ago and has been the setting for dozens of crashes over the years.
Crews have been working to remove the truck, but traffic delays are underway. (Nine)
Crews were able to remove the truck and the bridge was not damaged. (Nine)

There are several signs warning large vehicles about the height of the bridge, which has a ground clearance of about three meters.

The driver of the truck is not believed to have suffered any injuries.

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