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Monaro Member John Barilaro discusses the plans with members of the Bungendore High School Action Group

Former Monaro Member John Barilaro discusses the proposed high school with members of the Bungendore High School Action Group. Photo: Delivered.

Transport to NSW has identified lead pollution in the current and former railway corridor at Bungendore, near the existing primary school and not far from the proposed site for the new high school.

So far, areas where lead levels have been detected include the unofficial parking lot of Bungendore Public School on the corner of Majara Street and Kings Highway and the wool shed used by Lake George Men’s Shed.

These areas are adjacent to the railway tracks and include places where trains used to brake, stop or unload.

Google maps screenshot of Bungendore

Lead has been detected in the unofficial car park of Bungendore Public School on the corner of Majara Street and Kings Highway. Image: Google Maps.

According to a letter from Transport for NSW in late September to local residents, authorities “do not yet have all the answers [they] is still learning about the pollution and what it means ”.

Today (October 7) an information meeting was held for the locals to give the residents the opportunity to ask questions about the pollution.

It is likely that the pollution dates back to the time the Bungendore railway line, currently used to transport passengers between Sydney and Canberra, was used to transport lead ore from the Captains Flat mine to Bungendore in uncovered wagons.

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This is not the first time that lead pollution in the region has been a problem. Earlier this year, the preschool at Captains Flat was closed as elevated levels of lead – three times the safe level – were found in some areas of the school playground from the former Lake George Mine.

The operation of the school was then moved to a detachable building.

Lead pollution may also be the latest development in an already concerned saga for the proposed Bungendore High School, which has seen two community action groups in quarrels – Bungendore High School Action Group and Save Bungendore Park Group (formerly Bungendore Park Action Group).

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While both groups want a high school, Save Bungendore Park Group, which opposes the chosen location, known as Majara and Gibraltar Street, next to Mick Sherd Oval, has previously said they are considering lawsuits to stop the school from being built. On-site.

Bungendore High School Action Group has long lobbied for a high school and is opposed to delaying the project further.

Former NSW Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro, who resigned last week, had repeatedly promised to deliver the school at the proposed location.

The State Significant Development application was submitted to the high school on Monday, September 13 with artist impressions of what development might look like, available online late last month.

According to some sources, the contamination of lead may again delay the project, but there are also concerns about what it will mean for the current primary school – whose car park has now been closed due to lead contamination that was discovered last month.

The NSW Health website says young children are at greatest risk for lead exposure due to its impact on mental and physical development.

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