Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

Lines of palm trees on both sides of the Kingsway at Cronulla are being cut down as part of a new phase of the city center upgrade.

The Sutherland Shire Council says “the sick and ailing palms” will be replaced by Cook Pines.

Work between the mall and Gerrale Street began Wednesday night with the removal of four trees.

Palm trees on the north side of Kingsway also get chopped.

Palm trees on the north side of Kingsway also get chopped.

A statement on the Council’s website states:

“In 2015, Cronulla Town Center including Kingsway was identified as in need of a significant upgrade. This led to the preparation of the Cronulla Town Center Public Domain Master Plan, which was adopted by the Council in 2018.

Analysis of Kingsway identified:

Trees removed between the mall and Gerrale Street.

Trees removed between the mall and Gerrale Street.

  • The need to create revitalized waterfront connections
  • Patched and deteriorated walkways
  • Insufficient lighting on road and footpath
  • Knives in the walkway leading to congestion
  • Palm trees with limited life due to fusarium wilt
  • Irregular and inefficient parking
  • The need to create a unified design style throughout the Cronulla Town Center

The scope of the Kingsway project is to upgrade the north and south paths between Abel Place and Elouera Road on the north side and on the south side between Cronulla Plaza and Gerrale Street.

Elements within this project include:

  • Upgrading of walkways to quality pavement. This matches the occupancy of the Peryman Square Stage 1 work.
  • Slight extension of the southern path to improve pedestrian flow between the Plaza and North Cronulla Beach.
  • Upgraded lighting provides improved convenience and safety.
  • Removal of diseased and ailing palms and replacement with Cook Pines.
  • Creation of displacement blisters for the new trees on the southern footpath, reducing pinch points.
  • Creation of a disabled parking space.

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