“Lost in Space” last season teaser

Lost In Space last season teaser

Netflix premieres the first trailer for the third and final season of its reboot of the classic sci-fi hit “Lost in Space,” which returns to the streamer on December 1st.

The second season finale saw the Robinson kids take a ship and head to their original destination for the Alpha-Centauri system

The other remaining colonists, including the Robinson parents, ended up in a different part of the universe and found the remains of a ship that had disappeared two decades before.

This happens a year later with the Robinson children leading the other young colonists in a shocking evacuation – in the process revealing secrets that will change their lives.

John, Maureen and Don, meanwhile, have to contend with overwhelming odds as they try to reunite with their children. Zack Estrin is back as a showrunner for this past season.

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