Lyndall Gerlach has returned to photography after 44 years | The Canberra Times

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Canberran Lyndall Gerlach studied eight years of art, education and graphic design. She majored in ceramics, printmaking and design, exhibited her paintings and drawings for many years and was featured in Artist’s Palette magazine in 2003 – described as “deliciously meaningful, clued-in and arty”. She designed the Barrenjoey High School Badge and won an Australian Branding Design Award. When Gerlach was a graphic design student in the 1970s, photography involved chemicals, red lights and black bags, a mysterious and wonderful process. In 2019, after 44 years away from photography, she was borrowed a camera. She soon decided that photography was her medium and discovered a love for it and digital art, a niche she loves that meets her creative needs. The brushes and pencils were put away. Gerlach says: “I like to do the usual, extraordinary. Photography for me is capturing what I think or feel, exploring something interesting or creating something different that ‘speaks’ to someone and evokes thought or appreciation of the subject. “Contemporary artists have never been so free to explore the boundaries of art or photography. Photography is finally free to be a creative medium, not just a medium that records a moment in time.” She says: “For me, a good photographic must image always engage the viewer either emotionally or intellectually. ” Just a year after her new medium, and using the borrowed camera, she was a finalist in the Mullins Australian Conceptual Photography Prize in 2020. This year she has once again been a finalist in the Mullins, been praised in Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers competition and Mono Awards and has been featured on the LensCulture website and in the FRAMES magazine Digital Companion. Earlier this year, Gerlach visited former old park gardens in Sydney that gave her comfort amidst environmental chaos. She found herself wrapped in memories, mixed by the pace and close to life, but enthusiastic about the geometry and design. The city drew on her sense of design and curiosity. She explored movement in deep views of the water – often reflecting splashes of light and drifting of fast-moving patterns on the buildings. A resulting series of 12 exquisite composite images, City-City, is about structure, architecture, urban planning and society. They can be viewed at Gerlach says: “In each image of this work there is the same visual element representative that is representative of the underlying and inevitable structure of the city. Composed of two strong vertical lines and several rectangular shapes representing the city windows and building construction, the element binds photographic images across layers of importance. “FRAMES is an international community created in 2020 by an independent publishing house in Switzerland. The publisher’s team produces a quarterly printed photo magazine of 112 pages, “because excellent photography belongs on paper”. It features work from both established and new photographers of various genres and media. They also publish a weekly newsletter. Then they have an app that delivers two carefully selected photos every day to smartphone users, with the stories behind the photos and the photographers’ advice. And the monthly Digital Companion Gerlach was featured in plus a podcast where they talk to photographers about their photos, experiences and personal stories. Now, Gerlach has been featured on the podcast for a 43-minute piece, a significant achievement for this reborn photographer. Gerlach says “it is never ever the recognition, but the journey that is the reward. What happens along the way is to share life and growth”. Nevertheless, she deserves these recognitions.



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