Matthew Massey admits burglary, assault after ‘violent fight’ in Flynn | The Canberra Times

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A notorious Canberra criminal walked into a sleeping friend’s house and fought fiercely with the man when he woke up, calling him a “weak dog” and eventually leaving him with a punctured abdomen. Matthew James Massey, 45, was once described as having a rap park that sounded like “a Greek tragedy”. It’s getting even longer after he appeared in the ACT Supreme Court on Friday via audiovisual link to be indicted on charges of burglary and assault that actually caused bodily harm. “Yes, I’m guilty,” he said in relation to both. The camera pointed at him in a remote room by Canberra’s prison was located so that only the lower half of his face was visible. Following the submission of the pleas in law, Crown Prosecutor Anthony Williamson provided the court with an approved statement of facts. The document shows that Massey and his victim had been friends for a few years at the time of the relevant incident in September 2020. Massey spent some time living with this man in Flynn, where he at one point grew “excited” and chased the victim. around the house while making threats. This episode caused the victim to check into a hotel for a while. While he was away, Massey stopped living in the Flynn house, and the man returned to his home without hearing from him. Massey returned late one night and went uninvited into the victim’s bedroom, where the man had fallen asleep while playing an Xbox game. The couple ended up arguing about Massey’s girlfriend, and the victim told the 45-year-old perpetrator to “f — off”. A violent fight ensued in the bedroom, where the victim received what in the agreed facts is described as “a puncture injury on the left side of his abdomen”. The document does not explain exactly what caused this wound. MORE JUSTICE AND CRIME NEWS: During the altercation, the victim’s teenage son woke to the sound of bangs and shards of glass. The boy heard Massey shout that the victim was a “weak dog”. After the frightened teenager yelled at Massey to get out of the house, he heard the 45-year-old say, “Shut your mouth.” The boy’s shouts distracted Massey enough to allow the victim to arm himself with a “Bundi stick” in self-defense. Massey eventually left, and the victim, who “realized his side was wet,” woke up a friend who had slept in a lounge. “Matty got me straight,” the victim told this man, who helped bandage the wound. The victim later sought treatment at Calvary Hospital, where he was found to have a wound about three inches long and a partially collapsed lung. “[The victim] received stitches to his wound under local anesthesia and returned home, “says the facts.” He wants a permanent scar. Massey was arrested in October last year and subsequently filed a series of failed bail applications, denying the violation. After pleading guilty on Friday, his lawyer, Duncan Berents, signaled an intention to seek a referral to the court’s list of drugs and Offenders deemed eligible can be given drug and alcohol treatment orders, with prison sentences of between one and four years suspended. Chief Justice Helen Murrell listed Massey’s case to go to Judge David Mossop on Nov. 3. She said , that the judge could handle the proposed referral and either specify or impose a penalty that day.Our journalists work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community.How to continue accessing our trusted content:



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