Michigan man arrested in Washington DC in suspicious vehicle near Supreme Court

A Michigan man has been identified as a suspect who was found sitting inside a suspicious vehicle in front of the US Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The U.S. Capitol Police investigated the suspicious vehicle around 10 a.m., but did not elaborate on why the vehicle was considered suspicious. During an update Tuesday morning, Capitol Police Deputy Chief Jason Bell said the man was illegally parked in front of the Supreme Court.

Bell said officers responded immediately, but the man refused to speak. Instead, the man said something about “the time to speak is over,” Bell said.

Dealers were brought in to try to talk to the man, but he refused to engage. Eventually, police moved in and arrested him.

Capitol police identified the suspect as Dale Melvin, 55, in Kimball, Michigan.

Kimball is a rural community west of Port Huron, Michigan, and is located about 57 miles northeast of Detroit.

According to Capitol Police, no weapons were found on Melvin.

Melvin’s family said he has been living out of his car for several years and is suffering from mental illness. They also said he may be violent.

Around. 11, an hour later, police said “everyone is safe”.

FOX 2 is working to learn more about Melvin and the situation at the Supreme Court.

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