Sat. May 21st, 2022

The NRL Integrity Unit will speak with Penriths co-captain Nathan Cleary after three men from Sydney’s West were reportedly pictured on social media partying in Queensland after the team’s big final victory.

Queensland Police claim the men crossed the border on the Pacific Highway with “wrong border crossings” on Saturday.

The Panthers after celebrating their NRL Premier League victory Sunday night.

The Panthers after celebrating their NRL Premier League victory Sunday night. Credit:Getty Images

The integrity unit is investigating the connection between the club and the men, aged 23, 24 and 25, who allegedly drove from Sydney to take part in the football match at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane last Sunday evening, October 3rd.

An NRL spokesman confirmed that the unit would talk to Cleary about the matter. It is not suggested that he was aware of the men’s alleged border crossing.

The trio were picked up by Queensland Police at a hotel on the Gold Coast on Friday, with a fine of $ 4135 for violating Queensland’s health rules and sent back to NSW.

They came to the attention of the authorities when a senior NSW police officer saw a photo of the men partying on the Gold Coast, allegedly in breach of the public health order that closed Queensland to NSW residents.

The photos have since been removed from social media.

Queensland Police have referred the case to the NRL Integrity Unit and NSW Police, who say an investigation has been launched into “potential breaches of the public health order” that continue to prohibit residents from leaving Greater Sydney.

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