Fri. May 20th, 2022

Months after teasing her engagement in Real housewives from Potomac reunion, Nicki Minaj has confirmed that she’s actually taking over hosting services from Andy Cohen.

On Thursday, the hip-hop star shared behind-the-scenes photos of the two on the set for the much-anticipated event.

“GET WHO SHOULD? !!!!! #Andiconda #RHOP COMING SOON ON @BRAVOTV @bravoandy ???✨ # Moment4Life,” wrote the 38-year-old star on Instagram next to the carousel with pictures.

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Back in July, Minaj shared a trailer for the show where the cast talked about their lives with remixed lyrics of her hit track, ‘Moment 4 Life’.

“I host the reunion. I know what you want me to ask chile?,” reads the text.

However, Minaj has provoked a lot of controversy since then and made headlines for her anti-wax comments.

Last month, the ‘Super Bass’ hitmaker suggested in a tweet to his 22.9 million followers that COVID-19 vaccines cause impotence, despite the fact that there is no link between the vaccines and infertility.

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After revealing that she did not attend with Gala in New York City due to the COVID-19 vaccine claim, she shared an unconfirmed story that a friend of her cousin in Trinidad became impotent after getting a COVID-19 shot.

“His testicles were swollen,” Minaj claimed in a tweet that quickly went viral.

Just over 54 percent of the total U.S. population is vaccinated, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nicki Minaj
President Joe Biden even commented on Minaj’s comments. (Getty)

President Joe Biden’s Chief Physician, Dr. Anthony Fauci, told CNN at the time that “she [Minaj] had to think twice about conveying information that really has no basis.

“Some fans of the reality show took to social media on Friday to complain about giving Minaj a platform after her comments.

“Wait, @BravoTv really let Nicki Minaj host the #RHOP reunion and she’s not vaccinated? I see videos of her walking around without a mask on and not socially distancing. Seems very irresponsible on their behalf,” a commentator wrote on Twitter.

Another said, “It makes absolutely no sense to have her host on the reunion.”

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Other viewers, however, welcomed the idea of ​​seeing Minaj in the host chair.

They just re-released the picture of Minaj and Cohen with the caption: “Obsessed ? #RHOP @Andy @NICKIMINAJ.”

Another added: “This is going to be so insanely epic and amazing @NICKIMINAJ @Andy @BravoTV.”

CNN has contacted Bravo and Andy Cohen’s representatives for comment.

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