No day trips between metro and regional areas allowed, deputy premiums to reformulate public health order today

NSW public health orders will be amended today to ensure day trips between Greater Sydney and the regions are not allowed when the state begins to reopen on Monday.

NSW Deputy Prime Minister Paul Toole said it was a gray area at the moment, but it would be cleaned up.

“I know the health ordinances were probably not clear enough,” Mr Toole said.

“They are a little gray.

“It will be made very clear today to say in black and white that one cannot go from Greater Sydney to the regions and one cannot go from a regional community to Greater Sydney.”

Backflip overnight

A spokesman for the deputy prime minister said yesterday that travel between Greater Sydney and regional NSW for recreational purposes would be allowed from Monday as long as it was not part of a holiday and travelers were fully vaccinated.

However, the Public Health Order also stated that there was no distance limit for travel and did not state acceptable reasons for traveling.

The wording of the public health order attracted criticism from Kiama MP Gareth Ward.

“It’s a pretty boring situation when you have a member of the cross – bench to tell the government what its own rules mean,” Ward said.

Newcastle Labor MP Tim Crakanthorp said it would have been scandalous to allow people to travel between Sydney and the regions.

“First day at work and Premier and Vice Premier stumble upon each other,” Crakanthorp said.

“It is absolutely outrageous that they could consider sending Sydney people up to regions when our vaccination rates are only 59 per cent,” he said.

Travel between Greater Sydney and regional areas will be allowed when the state reaches the 80 percent vaccination mark for those who are fully vaccinated.

Travel for significant reasons, including care responsibilities and work, will still be permitted in accordance with applicable public health orders.

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