Thu. May 19th, 2022

TORONTO – A woman in Ontario who brought her car to the dealer to have a warning light checked left $ 7,300 in damage after the mechanic had an accident while testing the car.

“When we arrived, we were surprised to see our van have been in an accident,” Oshawa woman Megan Smith told CTV News Toronto.

Smith said in late August that a warning light came on her Dodge Grand Caravan in 2019, and she took it to a dealer to have it checked.

When the mechanic took the van out for a test drive, someone crashed into him, causing more than $ 7,300 in damage.

“At first we were really confident. We thought they would fix everything and everything would be fine, but that’s not what happened,” Smith said.

Smith was told the accident did not happen at the dealership and the mechanic was not driving fault.

Smith was told it was not the dealer’s problem and she had to take out her own car insurance.

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“‘The manager literally said’ This is not our problem. ‘They did not want to repair the damage and they did not want anything to do with us,’ ‘Smith said.

When CTV News Toronto contacted the dealer about the issue, the calls were not returned.

The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council, which oversees dealers in Ontario, said it is their understanding that “consumer insurance would be liable to cover the damage in this situation, as the vehicle is the property of the consumer.”

“The dealer’s insurance would cover any damage to the dealer’s property. For example, if a consumer was involved in an accident during a test drive using a dealer’s vehicle, the dealer’s insurance would cover this,” the spokesman added.

CTV News Toronto also contacted the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) and Anne Marie Thomas, IBC’s director of consumer and industry affairs, said “Ontario is a faultless province, so in this case the driver of the vehicle was not guilty of the accident.”

Thomas said Smith’s insurance premiums should not be affected.

“The insured will not hold any own bill and will not see an increase in her car insurance as a result,” Smith said.

Smith is concerned that her vehicle has now lost value for being in an accident, and felt that the dealer showed poor customer service to her and never apologized for what happened.

“For the manager to say we can do nothing? We’re not going back there, that’s for sure,” Smith said.

If a car is damaged because a dealer is careless or negligent, their own insurance must pay for repairs.

It is from case to case and therefore it is important that your insurance is updated even when your car is in the shop.


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