Sat. May 21st, 2022

Open House New York (OHNY), the fun annual event where some of the city’s coolest, most obscure and most architecturally interesting buildings are opened to the public, takes place on the weekend of October 16 and 17 this year. While about half of the venues are free and open to the public – or are virtual events – about half of them require reservations. And you want to get on top of that, because reservations for tours are open from kl. 11 today here and reservations tend to be picked up quickly.

“Open House New York was founded in the wake of 9/11, when access to Lower Manhattan was suddenly severely restricted. Today, at a time when residents across the five boroughs are struggling to reconnect with each other and the city, OHNY Weekend provides a much-needed boost to discovery and exploration, ”said Rob Rogers, Chairman of the Board of OHNY.

Highlights of this year’s event, which takes place throughout the five boroughs, include the chance to see several city landmarks at night (including 9/11 Memorial, Belvedere Castle, Moynihan Train Hall and Little Island); the chance to explore plenty of corners of the Brooklyn Navy Yard (including Building 92, Crye Precision HQ, Dock 72, Kings County Distillery and Nanotronics); the Copper Hospital on Roosevelt Island; Newtown Creek; The Arts Center on Governors Island; and Billion Oyster Project Restoration.

There is a Harlem Culture tour as well as group tours at Woodlawn Cemetery, TWA Hotel, Morningside Park, Brownsville and Green-Wood Cemetery. You can check out the Audubon Murals in Washington Heights, NYCHA art at the Red Hook Houses or take part in a public art bike ride in the DOT. There are tours to individual residences, including Billiou-Stillwell-Perine House on Staten Island, Greenwich Village Row Houses, The House on Henry Street and Vander Ende Onderdonk House in Ridgewood.

And there are selected series included Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Centennial, which is focused on the impact of the port authority, and another called Radical knowledge: Libraries as community catalysts, about how libraries have improved life in NYC.

A photo of the BookOps sorting facility


BookOps sorting facility


Here are some of OHNY’s choices for the weekend’s best events where the public can not normally see behind the scenes:

  • BookOps sorting facility: Discover how tens of thousands of books in the circulating collections of the Brooklyn Public Library and the New York Public Library find their way to avid readers across the city in this Long Island City building.
  • EWR Airport Building One: OHNY goes to New Jersey this year and unlocks the story behind the airport’s original terminal from 1934, an art deco bead cut into three and sewn back together just 3,700 feet from the original location.
  • SUMMIT One Vanderbilt: Experience midtown from 1200 feet, the highest vantage point in Midtown Manhattan. From transparent elevators to glass sky boxes, take panoramic views of New York, sidewalks to the sky.
  • Brooklyn Navy Yard: Nanotronics: Industrial development is gaining momentum in Nanotronics, a new state-of-the-art center for AI and robotics that operates advanced manufacturing in New York and beyond.
  • Northeast Bronx YMCA: Decades in wait, this new community anchor is located in a three-acre urban forest and blends indoors and outdoors to promote the health and well-being of residents and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Little island @ night: Experience the blend of nature and art through the brightness of the newly repaired and refurbished Pier 54 on the shores of West Chelsea.

Get all the information about OHNY 2021 events and tickets here. There is also a launch party for the weekend taking place on Thursday 14 October on the roof terrace of the newly renovated Stavros Niarchos Foundation Library; you can get ticket information for this.

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