Fri. May 20th, 2022

The Provan-Summons trophy has arrived back in Sydney for repairs after being damaged during Penrith’s grand final festivities.

The iconic trophy that Penrith earned after defeating Rabbitoh’s 14-12 last weekend is estimated to be worth about $ 30,000.

Nine News confirmed that the NRL is upset the sculptures of Norm Provan and Arthur Summons were separated from the bottom of the trophy and placed in a stroller.

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Pictures of the incident involving the stroller surfaced across social media today, with the caption “googoo gaga” referring to that trend image.

It is understood that the NRL is also investigating the matter.

The trophy is one of the most recognizable in Australian sport and centers around an iconic moment on the court.

In an award-winning photo from 1963 called ‘The Gladiators’, Provan and Summons, who played against each other in the NSW Rugby League, embraced the Grand Final that year, after the match.

The moment was captured by newspaper photographer John O’Gready and only later used as inspiration for the NRL Grand Final trophy.

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