Planning panel denies DA for Kogarah high-rise development | St George & Sutherland Shire Leader

The Georges River Local Planning Panel has rejected a development application to build a $ 14 million 12-story apartment building at 21 Hogben Street in the heart of Kogarah CBD.

The proposed development was for 51 apartments, a shop space on the ground floor and five parking spaces in the basement.

It would have replaced a three- to four-story block with nine apartments.

The 980 square meter area is located at the intersection of Montgomery, Hogben and Kensington streets and is zoned B4 mixed use, enabling high density and commercial development.

However, a council report recommended rejection as the proposed development was considered an unacceptable urban design and planning result for the site and did not meet the Kogarah Development Control Plan 2013.

The council’s report said the proposal had an “inappropriately structured form” regarding planning control for the area. In its decision, the Georges River Local Planning Pane found that the development would have a negative impact on the built environment regarding the impact on the convenience of the street scene for future residents and the adjacent properties.

The panel found that “the proposed development in its current form is not suitable for the site and was out of character with existing and recently approved developments and does not reflect the desired future development character of the area.”

It was considered an “inappropriate result for the site and” will set an unwanted precedent in the area that will not be of general interest. “

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