“Police are aware … but apparently can not stop it”: Dangerous ‘drag races’ on the busy south Manchester road are posted on YouTube by shameless drivers

Neighbors are urging police to act after videos surfaced showing powerful engines ‘pulling’ down a busy main road in south Manchester.

A series of videos shared on a popular YouTube channel appear to show drivers driving along stretches of Kingsway, in Burnage and Cheadle.

The footage – which has been shared with more than 7,000 subscribers – shows drivers zooming along the dual carriageway, where the speed limit varies from 40 – 50 mph.

A clip – said to be filmed from the inside as the Audi S3 and described as a ‘drag race’ – shows a Mini Cooper S overtaking and driving fast before avoiding another car.

Another piece of footage shows an Audi making another car before braking hard.

While another movie shows a red car driving another down the road.

Shares shared online appear to show drivers driving down Kingsway in south Manchester

The YouTube channel under which the videos have been posted contains four clips that appear to show cars driving under the heading ‘car fights’.

A resident living in Burnage shared the cliffs with MENNE and said neighbors have serious concerns about road safety due to cars driving fast there.

They fear that those who drive dangerously on the road will be encouraged by the large number of subscribers to the YouTube channel.

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But they say that when they contacted the police about the case, the videos were considered ‘offensive’.

“This popular YouTube channel regularly broadcasts both dangerous and antisocial driving on public roads, especially racing along the stretches of the A34 in Burnage and Cheadle,” said a resident who asked not to be named.

GMP is fully aware of the channel, but is apparently unable to do anything about it.

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“The fact that it continues unabated and the channel still broadcasts content from those who drive too fast on public roads tells me they have been unable to do anything about it.

“I have spoken to other residents who have told me and our local councilors that after reporting it to the police, they were called back in the early hours to be told that a sergeant had seen the YouTube videos and considered them to be offensive and there was nothing they could be pulled up on. ”

The neighbor said speeding has become a particular cause for concern for people in their neighborhood as some streets are used as rat rides due to lack of traffic calming measures.

Inspector Jon Shilvock of GMP’s Roads Policing Unit said: “We appreciate the concerns members of our community may have regarding videos about anti-social driving in and around Kingsway.

“We want to reassure our communities that speeding is not tolerated on our streets.

“Speed ​​bumps can have devastating consequences – not only does it increase the risk of collisions, but it can affect the severity of those that occur, and in the worst case, it can be fatal.

“My officers patrol the roads across Greater Manchester using a range of tools at our disposal, including laser speed devices and non-supplied police cars with hidden cameras to bring those who break our speed limits to justice.

“We want to encourage our community to continue to report any issues to ourselves. Your reports help build our intelligence so we can plan our resources accordingly and ensure that the areas where you live, work and socializing is a safe place.

“If you have any concerns, please use the reporting feature on our site or get in touch via LiveChat. You can also call us on 101 and always call 999 in an emergency.”


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