Thu. May 19th, 2022

Police are investigating whether an Illawarra man died of injuries sustained during a suspected assault in his home in the days before he was found dead.

Matthew Davis, 31, was found inside his home on Thomas Street, Warilla, at 9.30pm on Monday 23 August by a friend who sounded the alarm with the emergency services.

Inspector at the Inspectorate at Lake Illawarra Inspector Glenn Broadhead said Davis was treated as suspicious, but it was too early to say whether he was murdered.

“The real cause of death, we’re still working with the pathologist to try to determine … but we have a number of concerns,” said Chief Inspector Broadhead.

“There are a number of concerns [the pathologist] have raised in relation to the damages that have been inflicted … that they could be consistent with having been involved in some disturbance in the past. “

Chief Inspector Broadhead would not disclose the nature of Davis’ injuries, but said they were “significant”.

exterior of a modern police building
Lake Illawarra police are urging all witnesses to a possible past assault on Davis to contact them.(

ABC Illawarra: Ainslie Drewitt-Smith


Chief Inspector Broadhead said the night of the alleged assault was unusually hot, and Strike Force Sienna investigators believe there may have been more people than usual nearby at the time Davis sustained his injuries.

“If there were children who may have been on the street, or another person who may have been on the street, we would definitely encourage parents to have that discussion, that conversation, with the kids.”

He said Davis was a vulnerable man with underlying health conditions and police were also investigating whether that had been a factor in his death.

“We have communicated all this to the forensic pathologist and we still have some concerns regarding the death,” he said.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Lake Illawarra Police or Crime Stoppers.


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