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The ACT government appears to be drafting a youth mental health plan for recovery and a mental workforce strategy as part of its work to help society through the long tail of the COVID pandemic. Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson will on Friday move a proposal in the Legislative Assembly that calls on the ACT government to develop the position statement on youth mental health and the workforce strategy that is expected to be adopted. Sir. Pettersson said there was a youth mental crisis happening now that the cohort had felt the majority of the pandemic times, but the ongoing efforts to solve the problem had been separated. “I do not want to be too prescriptive in what the plan consists of, but I want us to have a plan,” Pettersson said. “Often when it comes to mental health, they announce that we are spending money, but we do not really take stock of what we have in mind and are trying to do.” Pettersson said he believed the necessary mental health services were not being provided due to funding and lack of skills. “When you talk to everyday Canberrans, they will all have heard stories of someone trying to access psychiatric services. And either the appointments are available months away, or the books are actually just closed by practice. If you talk to people in sector, they will tell you that they are overworked and underfunded, so it’s good for both, “he said. Pettersson said many young people “did it really, really hard” through the COVID-19 pandemic because the cohort felt browned by unprecedented times. “It’s a pretty unfortunate set of circumstances we are in. The government has announced a number of budget measures that are wonderful. They have announced $ 10.3 million in commitments on youth mental health and that is money that is good. used, “he said. Pettersson said a Commonwealth mental health work schedule currently under development considered only the clinical mental workforce, but an ACT plan should also capture the psychosocial support work. “I want us to have a plan for how we respond to this. We do not just have to give money to all these devices. We also need to know what we want to see from it and how we can tell if it is effective or not. “MORE ACT POLICY NEWS: Meanwhile, the ACT government will also be forced to develop a social recovery plan after a green proposal was adopted with amendments in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday afternoon. Green backs Andrew Braddock, who moved the original proposal, said the pandemic had made inequality worse and the social recovery plan would require the ACT government to provide strategic advice and support to help vulnerable Canberrans. “It’s important that the plan is developed together with affected people and the wider community. This will give these Canberrans the reassurance that they will not be left behind,” Braddock said. “The plan should also include a path to rebuilding Canberra’s social structure through safe reintroduction of activities and educational and volunteering opportunities with a focus on community building and inclusion.” The plan will identify the long-term individual, societal and ACT-wide effects of COVID-19, focusing on groups already disadvantaged before the onset of the pandemic, to develop a roadmap for rebuilding Canberra’s social structure. The motion, passed Thursday, also requires the leaders of the political parties in the Legislature to write to their federal party leader colleagues to call for an increase and indexation of Commonwealth social security payments across the Henderson poverty line. Our journalists work hard to deliver local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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