Reality star Erika Jayne apparently compares herself to Jesus Christ in the midst of public legal battle

Real housewives star Erika Jayne is in hot water after apparently comparing himself to Jesus Christ.

Jayne, who is currently co-nicknamed in one lawsuit regarding alleged embezzlement with his soon-to-be-ex-husband Tom Girardi against his law firm’s former clients, shared a fan post on Instagram comparing himself to the religious figure.

“That’s exactly how CHRIST died,” read part of the fan’s post, which also called the lawyer fighting Jayne in court.

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Erika Jayne
Erika Jayne receives backlash for sharing a post suggesting she looks like Jesus Christ. (Instagram)

“[Attorney Ronald Richards] should be rejected for ‘unethical practice’ in defamation [Erika Jayne] for misdemeanor the Courts NEVER accused her of! “was written in the tab of the tab.

“Ronald (a lawyer) undermined the justice system by making accusations and insinuations in the hope that it would inspire public opinion to override the courts. (IF it ever went to court),” the banner claimed.

“This behavior is dangerous and ruthless to our society! Everyone should take note!”

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As a result of the sharing of the post, the 50-year-old singer and reality star received much criticism online for the implication that being judged negatively in public opinion is the same as Jesus’ crucifixion.

“Erika Jayne, who compares herself to Christ, is … completely insane,” wrote one Twitter user.

“This woman has lost her mind.”

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Richards is the lawyer who is currently overseeing the liquidation of Jayne’s husband Girardi’s law firm, and has been candid on social media regarding the case – among other things. publicly urges Jayne to return $ 25 million (approximately $ 34 million dollars) Richards claims she mistakenly took from Girardi’s law firm.

Girardi’s law firm is now bankrupt.

Earlier in the week, Richards tweeted that he was looking forward to Real housewives in Beverly Hills reunion, where Jayne contains, to air.

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In a statement to Page six, Richards defended his recent comments on social media.

“There is not a single statement that anyone can point to that our office has ever sent that is untrue or inaccurate,” Richards told the publication in a statement.

“Rebroadcasting someone’s insulting statement does not change this fact, all our posts are correct and sometimes the truth hurts.”

After receiving backlash, Jayne then backed off by sharing another of the tab posts on Instagram.

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Erika Jayne
Jayne quickly shared the tab clarification for her Instagram Story. (Instagram)

“This is not a post comparing [Erika Jayne] to Christ, “wrote the post.

“It is to compare an unethical lawyer who tries to undermine this legal system by persuading the courts to act on the basis of public opinion and not by the law. Just as the Pharisees did against Christ.”

Jayne has firmly denied any knowledge of the allegations made against Girardi – the law firm Girardi & Keese owes more than $ 101 million (approximately $ 138 million) in debt for alleged mismanagement of clients’ funds.

Earlier, Jayne accused Richards of blackmail for publicly offering her a deal if she settled her alleged part in Girardi’s bankruptcy case.

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