Wed. May 18th, 2022


Marge needs a family! Photos: RSPCA ACT.

Meet our lovable pet of the week looking for eternal home at RSPCA ACT Shelter!

Marge and marzipan are the friendly pets of the week! These beautiful animals are waiting to find their perfect match. Do you think it could be you? Read more about them below.

Dog of the Week – Marge

Marge is a big, friendly, giant dog. Her kind eyes and sweet temperament around people make it impossible not to fall in love with this gentle soul. Marge was handed over to us along with her litter of puppies. She was quite malnourished and took some time to regain her health. Fortunately, she is better than ever and all her puppies have since been adopted into loving homes. Now it’s Marge’s turn to be welcomed into a new family!

Marge is very loving, but may forget her size from time to time. She tends to try to curl up in your lap for fun! Marge does not mind chasing a tennis ball and is quite athletic. She needs an owner who is active and wants a companion for walks. Her new owner will also need high fences. Marge’s athleticism extends to her ability to jump, so 6-foot Colourbond fencing is a must.

Marge’s new family needs to be aware that her wolf dog instincts mean she is predisposed to hunt small animals. You need to be vigilant while walking with her and working with her to keep her focused. Marge’s size and gentle nature will make her a great match for a family with children aged 10-years.

Marge is a gentle dog who has so much love to give. She will definitely be the loving addition to your life you have been looking for!


Are you looking for a new feather? Meet marzipan.

Bird of the week – marzipan

This sweet and talkative boy was brought to the shelter after he flew down to say hello to a local resident. A little hungry and confused, the marzipan was a little shy at first and needed some TLC before he was ready for adoption. Now he is feeling better and has no problem showing us his naughty personality! This little guy is full of character, and loves to chat. He may not be a songbird, but that does not stop him from spending most of his day singing for us while we work.

Marzipan is still getting to know us, so he is not yet used to being handled. He will need a large indoor cage that allows him to fly and stretch his wings while becoming familiar with his new friends. Pictures of the cage must be provided before adoption. Marzipan needs time to settle down and would do best in a home without indoor pets that could scare him. He could be introduced to another bird as long as the introductions are slow and controlled.

If you think marzipan sounds like your kind of bird, follow the links to get in touch!

Visit the RSPCA at 12 Kirkpatrick St, Weston, and add a new companion to your life – you will not regret it!

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Sundays and public holidays: Closed.

According to government guidelines regarding COVID-19, the RSPCA ACT reduces foot traffic in our shelters. If you are interested in meeting these animals for adoption, please fill out an online application.

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