Thu. May 19th, 2022

Mick Schumacher

Mick Schumacher prepared for this weekend’s Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix by spending time in the Ferrari simulator.

The Haas driver has never ridden in the Istanbul Park circuit before, but was able to take advantage of his role at the Ferrari Driver Academy to take part in some pre-event drills.

“I use the Ferrari simulator to prepare,” Schumacher said, noting that Haas does not have its own simulator.

“Unfortunately, the last couple of races [it’s] been hard to get a seat, but this one was definitely the options for us.

“I think it was a great asset for me now to feel much more prepared and much more [an] idea of ​​what is expected, what the car should do and how it will behave. ”

Last year’s Turkish Grand Prix marked the first time the event had appeared on the F1 calendar since 2011.

It was dominated by wet conditions in the race itself, while freshly laid asphalt created a particularly smooth racing surface.

Exactly how the asphalt has healed over the last 12 months is an important talking point this weekend as Schumacher seeks to get out on the right track.

“I think it was a very fluid track, so you need to find the power quickly,” he said of his experience in the Ferrari sim.

“Of course you have Turn 8, which is a very special and very demanding corner for both tires and also us drivers.

“Just looking forward to driving.”

Track action in Turkey starts with opening training from 19:30 AEDT this evening.

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