Wed. May 18th, 2022

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Officials have warned that Wagga could be barred if there is an increase in COVID cases among the nearly 200 people who came in contact with an infected person at Kildare Catholic College this week. Wagga registered his first COVID case in more than a year on Thursday – included in Friday’s figures – when a member of the Kildare Catholic College community tested positive. The case went to school for a day during their period of infection, and NSW Health has since identified 90 close contacts and about 100 random contacts. Wagga member Joe McGirr said it will depend on the results of follow-up tests on whether a lockdown is being considered for Wagga. He said that if no further cases stem from this exposure, “we could say with certainty that things will continue [as they are]”” “But the reality is that as tests are performed and further contacts are identified and tested that we could have further cases, and in that situation we should of course consider a lockdown,” added Dr. McGirr. The new case is a resident of the Wagga LGA, but it is believed that the person contracted the virus when he was outside the region. Murrumbidgee Local Health District Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Len Bruce, said any lockdown decision would be based on advice from the public health unit. He acknowledged that the response to COVID outbreaks and the pandemic in general was changing in New South Wales as the rollout of vaccination continued and the roadmap for reopening began on Monday. “Because we believe this is not the case due to the transfer from the community in the area, the risk would be lower than … if there were multiple cases linked to a source in Wagga,” said Dr. Bruce. He said the health unit is still investigating the source of the infection and that there is no information on whether the case was vaccinated. Dr. McGirr said he understands this situation will cause concern in the Kildare community and the wider Wagga community. He said the most important steps are to be tested and arrive at vaccination as well as continue to follow the rules. “We’ve been lucky in this region so far, we’ve been pretty much free of cases, which has been great,” he said. “What we need to do now is acknowledge that this was something that should happen, it has now happened, the health district is responding. [and] we have to respond. “On Friday, the Best Street Cafe in Wagga was listed as an exposure venue. Anyone who attended the venue between 8:45 a.m. and 10 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 30, is considered a random contact and must receive a COVID test and isolate until they return a negative NSW Health announced that no bus services were affected after the exposure in Kildare. “Kildare College has been praised for complying with strict COVID safety protocols and minimizing the risk of exposure to its community,” said an MLHD spokesman. MLHDs COVID-19- Coordinator Emma Field said the current cases are “particularly worrying” and the regions’ best defense against an outbreak is vaccination. “We’ve got our vaccination clinics at Wagga and Griffith going in; there is no need for registration today and this weekend, “she said. IN OTHER NEWS: MLHD is approaching the milestone of 50,000 plugs since the rollout began, with Riverina’s vaccination rate currently at 73.2 percent single-dose and 50.3 percent double-dose Ms Field said vaccination rates are also rising in the Edward River LGA, where there have been six cases and one death, and test rates have also risen in the Edward River, where the LGA has seen up to 190 tests a day. COVID in MLHD during the current outbreak 17 people are being cared for by MLHD staff at home, while three are in Wagga Base Hospital but not in intensive care.Of the 43 cases, 25 have been in Hilltop’s LGA, nine in Albury, six in Edward River, one in Griffith, one in the Federation and one in Wagga.Our journalists work hard to deliver local, up-to-date news to the community.How to continue accessing our trusted content:


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