The 5 best Japanese restaurants in Vancouver, chosen by one of the city’s best chefs

Hit shots and hi-balls, and take your date out to a new place. Show them that you are unique and that you are better than “let’s have a drink”. Show them that you know how to feel good without the juice. And the best part is that you will not say anything you regret or stumble all the way to the Skytrain at the end of the night.



Where: 985 Hornby St // Downtown

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Type: Sushi tacos

Price: ?

We recommend: Wild Sockeye Salmon Tataki Taco and Soy Garlic Salmon Sushi Taco

Why you ought to go: Who does not love sushi and who does not love tacos? Your date will be impressed that you know about trendy eateries in the city and will not be let down by your excellent choice.


The Greek of Antanoli

Where: 1043 Mainland St // Yaletown

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Type: Greek

Price: ??

We recommend: Calamari and Rabbit Kalamakia

Why should you go: Greek food may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a romantic date, but the atmosphere at The Greek will change your mind. The adorable flashing lights hung from the ceiling and the delicious food will definitely charm your bae.


Dolpan Seoul BBQ

Where: 3779 Sexsmith Rd // Richmond

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Type: Korean

Price: ??

We recommend: Army Base Hot Pot

Why should you go: There is something about chatting nice big hot pot soup during the fall that is just so comforting. There is also something about sharing your dinner from the same bowl that makes you feel close to bae. That’s why Dolpan is the place. It’s fun, quiet and delicious.


Six acres

Where: 203 Carrall St // Gastown

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Type: Gastropub and restaurant

Price: ??

We recommend: House fries and grilled beef bread

Why should you go: Exposed brick walls and lush green vines dangle around the room … shall I say more? Six Acres is super cozy and so is the food. This restaurant may be gastropub-focused, but the food is bombastic.


Anh and Chi

Where: 3388 Main St // Mount Pleasant

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Type: Modern Vietnamese

Price: ?

We recommend: The plate on the street

Why should you go: An elegant and trendy restaurant for a chill date. Anh and Chi are the perfect place to take a bite with your bae that is just cool and romantic enough, but not over the top.


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Fun outdoor stuff

Pumpkin picking at Maan Farms

Where: 790 McKenzie Rd // Abbotsford

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Price: ?

Why you ought to go: What’s more fun than going pumpkin picking in the fall with bae? Take cute pictures and pick up a pumpkin to make a freshly baked pumpkin pie or make a sweet pair of jack-o-lanterns.


Go hiking on Lake Buntzen

Where: 5000 Sunny Side Rd // Anmore

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Price: For free

Why should you go: Buntzen Lake is one of the few beautiful, easy and year-round hikes in Vancouver. During the fall, when the color of the leaves changes, Buntzen Lake is truly a sight for sore eyes … and so is your date.


Stroll through a sunflower field at Aldor Acres

Where: 24990 – 84th Ave // ​​Langley

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Price: ?

Why should you go: Get your insta-man to take cute pictures of you and innocent spectators to take cute pictures of you and your bae on this adorable sunflower field. But be quick, because the fall harvest only lasts until October 31st.


Go on a haunted scavenger hunt

Where: Click on this link

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Price: For free

Why should you go: They say that in emergencies, you fall harder for those you love. Walk on this haunted scavenger hunt and hide in each other’s arms as you discover the most eerie corners of the city.

Discover this cool waterfall in Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park

Where: Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park // Chilliwack

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Price: For free

Why should you go: It’s always nice to take a walk around your local park, but make a cute little day trip out of it and drive out to Chilliwack to visit Bridal Veil Falls. The waterfall is absolutely stunning and it is definitely worth the drive. Plus you can chat for hours in the car and really get to know each other ?.


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Fun indoor stuff

Go karting at Speeders Indoor ProKarts

Where: 13471 Crestwood Pl // Richmond

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Price: ??

Why should you go: Become competitive with bae and go indoor go-karting (because Vancouver is raining all the time). Nothing makes the adrenaline go better than a little “friendly” competition.


Watch a comedy show on The Comedy Mix

Where: 1015 Burrard St // Downtown

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Price: ? – ??

Why should you go: If you love to relax inside and watch standup comedy on Netflix, why not make a date out of it and watch a live comedy show? And if you go Tuesday night, tickets only cost $ 8.


Hug over coffee at these hidden cafes

Where: Click on this link

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Price: ?

Why should you go: Who needs alcohol when you have coffee? Hug up to a nice hot mocha lotta with your bae while talking about sweet things at a cozy little cafe.

Watch old school movies at The Rio Theater

Where: 1660 E Broadway // Commercial-Broadway

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Price: ? – ??

Why should you go: The Rio Theater is the perfect place if you want to go on a movie date but still mix it up a bit. They always show old school movies as well as random cult movies on the big screen, definitely more fun than watching your typical mainstream blockbuster.


Take some fancy ice cream pants at La Glace

Where: 2785 W 16th Ave // ​​Arbutus

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Price: ?

Why should you go: One way to a woman’s heart is through her belly … and her Instagram. So admire your lady by pampering her with some boujee ice cream that she can slip away at La Glace.


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Romantic AF

Dine a boujee boat cruise dinner on Harbor Cruises

Where: 501 Denman St // Coal Harbor

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Price: ???

Why should you go: Be like Kate and Leo and sail out into the sunset together. While the harbor cruises take a short break during November, they are back on December 1st for romantic Christmas-themed dinners.


Go to dinner and a dance in Frederico’s sacrament club

Where: 1728 Commercial Dr // East Vancouver

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Price: ??

Why should you go: Never underestimate the power of a dinner and a dance. Eating a meal together and then sharing a dance? How cute is that ?! Even though none of you are dancers, you will have lots of fun with everyone else showing their movements around you.


Go for a dessert night at Top Of Vancouver

Where: 555 W Hastings St // Gastown

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Price: ??

Why should you go: It may be a little cheesy, but we can not deny that it is romantic AF. We recommend going to the Top of Vancouver for some desserts and the beautiful views, of course.


Take a spa day at Scandinave Spa

Where: 8010 Mons Rd // Whistler

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Price: ???

Why should you go: If you really want to make some serious moves, you can go on a spa trip all day with you to Whistler at Scandinave Spa. Relax in the healing water and enjoy each other’s company without disturbance or disturbance.



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