Thu. May 19th, 2022

For the participants on Blocks, it can feel like you are in your own world dealing with the daily renovations, trades, bills and challenges.

But sometimes reality kicks in hard, and it did this week for Kirsty and Jesse. Earlier this week, they received the heartbreaking news that her nan was dead.

“It was a very strange feeling because you’re in this bubble, I think,” Kirsty told 9Entertainment.

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“You are not even aware of what is happening in the outside world because you are just so busy constantly, no days off, you are just 100 percent ready to get that phone call.”

Jesse consoles partner Kirsty at The Block 2021
Kirtsy and Jesse received the sad news that her grandmother had died this week. (Nine)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are informed that this article contains images of people who have died.

Kirsty broke down immediately after receiving the phone call, and she knew exactly what it was when she saw her phone ring.

“I actually never wanted to talk to my family during the week because we were so busy,” Kirsty said.

“We waited until Sunday night after judging and we always wanted to call our family and tell them how we were going. So when I got that call that day as soon as mom’s name flashed on the screen, I just knew who was calling. if there was anything in me that just knew, and therefore I answered. “

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Kirsty admitted that it was a very strange feeling because she and Jesse at first did not know what to do.

“I remember I got the news, and then an hour later I organized waterproofing, and then Jesse and I just looked at each other and said, ‘What are we doing? We’re going home,'” she said.

“So we made the decision that we would go home just in that day to be with the family and make sure they were ok and help with events.

“It was a really strange time to have so much going on there, but also to have to think about our family at home.”

After the couple decided to leave production, organized flights and a driver almost instantly.

“It was actually really beautiful, the whole timing of it was queuing up. I came home to my nan’s driveway literally at the same time that the funeral home had arrived to pick her up,” she explained.

“It was like a scene from a movie and they let me go in and say goodbye to her and just spend a few minutes with her, which was really beautiful.”

Jesse can not speak louder about how amazing the production team for the show was about the whole situation.

“As soon as it happened, they said ‘Just let us know, we’ll give you all the space in the world, we do not want to film or anything, but we thought it was important to tell that side of the story,'” he said. .

“Until now we’ve been pretty tough, but from now on it was just not being home with the family, little things would kind of get us started, especially Kirst. We had been so strong, but it’s getting so much harder from here and in. “

The heartbreaking news came at the start of Hallway Week, or as it has become known Blocks, Hell Week. Kirsty and Jesse have hallways, laundry and bathroom to supply for assessment this week along with additional spaces to be completed due to the size of house 5.

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“We did not know how to leave Blocks because we had so many extra seats going on and there is so much Kristy and I do, like demo and clean up, ”Jesse explained.

“So the lack of manpower, we just did not know how to leave and get the room done this week. But all the boys just said to us ‘Don’t worry, we’ll stay back and work harder to get the work done.’ so much and we are so grateful. “

Not only did their builders step up to take over, other Blockheads also offered help.

“We came back and we found out that Ronnie and Georgia and Mitch and Mark had been by and helped our builders and had done a few things and helped with some painting,” Kirsty said.

“It was just really great to see even though they were so busy with their houses and everyone had so much to do that they were willing to put it aside and help us help us get over the line.”

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