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It looks like Blocks‘s ‘Hell Week’ is about to claim its first victim of 2021. Josh and Luke are on the verge of admitting defeat just two days out of the hallway and laundry reveals, after pool distractions and plaster drama.

Tanya and Vito do better with their aisles and laundry progress, but manage an unexpected hit on their budget when they are forced to pay for cabinet installation, they thought they got for free.

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All teams were warned that if they did not have their laundries ready to install cabinets during Living and Dining Week, they would have to pay for it later. That’s because Kinsman was booked in for the week that was slated to be Hallway Week until the schedule changed as a result of the cheat scandal.

Tanya and Vito were the only couple who missed the deadline. So it was a shock to the other teams when they found out that Kinsman was back on site and installed house 3’s laundry. There was even a suggestion that there might be cheating again.

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“Everyone worked extra hard last week or paid extra trades, it was probably a bit of both … to get our laundry closet installed,” Mitch says.

“That’s why we took $ 10,000 out of our living and dining budget last week to pay for tiling and flooring,” Kirsty reveals.

The big question for everyone is whether Tanya and Vito will be charged for the cabinet installation. Then foreman Keith confronts Vito to find out.

“They’re in here now without us knowing and installing your lockers, what’s going on? Are you paying for that locker?” Asks Keith.

Foreman Keith talks to Vito about 'free' laundry at The Block 2021.
Keith tries to get to the bottom of the laundry drama. (Nine)

“Ahhh not sure,” Vito replies, despite footage revealing that Tanya previously said they “have not had to pay for it”.

After Keith’s conversation with Vito, Tanya finds that Keith has to tell him that she and Vito will actually pay for it.

“I had planned to pay for the installation. When they offered, I just said yes, so it’s one less thing these boys have to do, because I’m fully aware that it would obviously not be fair,” she says.

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Georgia, meanwhile, wonders if anyone would have known about Tanya and Vito’s late installation if she hadn’t spotted Kinsman in their house.

“They had no intentions of paying the invoice they were trying to deduct fifty,” Ronnie claims.

Soon, Keith has an invoice for Tanya and Vito to pay $ 2,000 for the installation.

“Tanya is like ‘OK,’ and I’m like ‘Hmm,'” Vito says, making a devouring sound. “It seems like a lot of money.”

That’s when your budget is as grim as Tanya and Vito’s, which projections show that there is only $ 800 left when all bills are paid. The budget also looks sad for Josh and Luke, but what’s on the mind right now is the amount of work that needs to be done on their hallways and laundry.

The twins have had a busy week trying to flip the layout of their living and dining room and get excavation started for their pool. Then they had dramas with their plaster, which led them to ask Mitch and Mark if they could use the couple’s plaster Wilson.

“Ryan [our builder] is stressed, he has now realized the predicament we are in and that we are unlikely to be able to finish this week, ”says Josh.

Luke adds, “I do not think we’re going to finish, even though I think we’ll get the biggest and best laundry. But we’re just behind and Josh’s sick, I do not want him to kill himself. even to try to finish this week by coming in second, and then having him out next week when we really need him, so you just have to pick your matches. “

Meanwhile, work on all teams’ pool excavations continues. Houses 1 and 5 get built into the pool in concrete, designed by Blocks landscaping legend Dave Franklin, and Houses 2 and 3 have chosen Plungie pools.

Even Kirsty is stuck in the construction of house 5’s pool by helping spray concrete. She and Jesse are not long back at the site after a fleeting visit to the home to say goodbye to her late grandmother Ellen Margaret.

Kirsty and Jesse are more determined than ever to finish their hallways and laundries in style after Ellen’s passing. The couple is motivated by the tenacious spirit Ellen had, as well as her nan’s appreciation of Blocks.

“I think it’s another thing that was really devastating for me to know she’s not going to see us … so it’s heartbreaking to know,” Kirsty said.

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“She loves her TV shows and stuff like that,” Jesse adds.

“It would be easy to go ‘Oh, we do not have to worry about that this week, we just have to worry about it later’, but this is such a big dream that we have been chasing so And I know, that my nan did not want it – she never started anything and did not finish it. I know she would actually be disappointed with us if we did not. “

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