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Oxford Street needs to be transformed through major building upgrades and a push from Sydney City to return to the CBD cultural hub of its formerly busy self. The City Council’s plan is designed to create more floor space across Oxford Street and surrounding areas and in return more space for employment and cultural activities. Multi-storey extensions to buildings, roof terraces, transformation of basements and revitalized alleys are all on the cards as part of the proposal to revitalize the area.

“It’s one of our largest and most famous streets, but it’s faced significant problems in recent times,” said Mayor Clover Moore. “The construction of massive shopping malls at each end of the strip and online shopping has hurt its retailers, lock-outs have damaged its bars and clubs, and the freeway has created fast flowing through traffic that has made it a less comfortable place to be. . ” But Moore is convinced that the City of Sydney can work with developers and members of the Oxford Street community to breathe new life into the strip.

Under the proposal, a potential 42,500 square feet of workplace floor space and 11,000 square feet of new creative and cultural floor space could become available across Oxford Street.

The city of Sydney

Moore also indicated that preserving Oxford Street’s role as a hub for the LGBTQIA + community, protecting its heritage architecture and achieving visibility in First Nations cultures and histories are all top priorities, stating that “society has made it clear that we are need to preserve and celebrate the history of Oxford Gates as a sacred walking path for Gadigal and the heart of Sydney’s LGBTIQ community, while protecting its future, especially as we are ready to welcome World Pride 2023. “

The announcement of this planned redevelopment of the beloved Sydney Street comes at a time of change for the area. Back in March, a development plan was unveiled to transform three of the street’s busiest buildings into a $ 60 million grocery and cultural area. Just a few months before that, it was announced that the Kinselas and Courthouse Hotel would be merged into a multi-million dollar multi-million dollar hotel, and Sydney’s first 24-hour hotel would come to Darlinghurst.

The City of Sydney has announced a planned proposal to transform the Oxford Street Cultural and Creative Precinct. You can keep an eye out for any updates via the City of Sydney website.

Top image: Jeffrey Feng

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