Thu. May 19th, 2022

The home of one of the last surviving rats of Tobruk sold at auction on Saturday, giving him a payday far above his expectations.

The three-bedroom house at 29 Ferrars Place, South Melbourne needed major renovations, Belle Properties David Wood said, but most buyers were willing to take it on because the patio was well located.

“Some people felt there was too much work there … it’s not a renovation for the delicate,” he said. “But it will be a great home.”

What helped the seller was 100-year-old Geoff Pullman, one of the few remaining rats from Tobruk. The rats were named after the siege of the Libyan city of Tobruk, where 14,000 men fought against Axis powers.

It was one of 129 auctions scheduled for Melbourne today.

In the evening, Domain Group recorded a preliminary clearance of 59.8 percent from 87 reported results, while 13 auctions were withdrawn. Revoked auctions are counted as unsold properties when calculating clearance.

29 Ferrars Place, South Melbourne VIC 3205

29 Ferrars Place, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Mr Wood said Mr Pullman’s story had been popular during the auction campaign.

“They lived in caves that fought Germans and Italians and ate rations for months, so that makes the lockdown look pretty easy,” Wood said. “It simply came to our notice then. People felt a warm connection to the seller. It is not every day that you have someone who is 100 years old living in the home. ”

The family bought the home in 1986 for about $ 180,000 to $ 190,000, Mr Pullman said earlier.

Bids opened at the bottom of the quoted price range of $ 1.95 million to $ 2.1 million. From there, it quickly passed the $ 2.05 million reserve with six bidders weighing in.

The patio sold for $ 2,253,000, which was $ 203,000 more than the reserve.

It went to a local man who wants to renovate it to move his growing family into the future, Wood said.

Meanwhile, in Ascot Vale, a townhouse on the Maribyrnong River was sold to a man who fell in love with the block on his daily kayak through the waterway.

3/20 Woods Street, Ascot Vale VIC 3032

3/20 Woods Street, Ascot Vale VIC 3032

Nelson Alexander listing agent Jayson Watts said the buyer of 3/20 Woods Street lived nearby and had been waiting for years for something to come on the block.

“They are a family from Yarraville,” Mr Watts said. “He paddles his kayak daily along the river and has always wanted to buy it.”

The four-bedroom terrace was built with a listed price range of $ 1.2 million to $ 1.3 million.

Sir. Watts said buyers were interested in the home for its flexible floor plan, as one of the bedrooms would provide a good home office.

“It is an ideal work environment from home. Cracking place and it is the last house in the row of Wood Street that fronts the park, ”he said.

It sold for $ 1,285,000, just more than the $ 1.25 million reserve.

Sir. Watts said the area was better than its neighbors.

“Ascot Vale has been a standout throughout the year,” he said. “It is a very popular suburb with many families, and this year there have been many areas around us that have not had the same interest that we have had. We can not list enough houses to meet the demand. ”

In Cheltenham, a two-bedroom villa sold to a buyer in the first house in yet another quick auction.

2/8 Glyn Court, Cheltenham VIC 3192

2/8 Glyn Court, Cheltenham VIC 3192

Bids on 2/8 Glyn Court began below the quoted price range of $ 680,000 to $ 720,000 to $ 650,000.

Bidding passed the $ 670,000 reserve after just two hikes, said Ray White listing agent and auctioneer Kevin Chokshi.

After nearly 20 bids, the home sold for $ 754,500. “We had $ 84,500 more than the reserve and four active bidders,” Chokshi said.

He said two bidders were downsizers and was surprised they failed to beat the first home buyers.

“[The first-home buyers have] have been waiting a long time to buy, [their eagerness is because of] subdued demand and frustrations, ”Chokshi said. “I think a lot of cuts may not have gotten what they would if they sold in during the lockdown, so they are conservative on the bidding front.”

Cheltenham had been popular since the inspection ban ended, he said.

“It’s super hot. We sold five last week and we are going to sell seven this week, ”said Chokshi. “Everything goes like hotcakes. The average time for sale is currently about 11 days. ”

In Mont Albert sold another villa for more than its price guide.

6 / 3-5 Louise Avenue, Mont Albert VIC 3127

6 / 3-5 Louise Avenue, Mont Albert VIC 3127

The two-bedroom house on 6 / 3-5 Louise Avenue was listed for $ 700,000 to $ 770,000 and went for $ 804,000 at auction.

Wakelin Property Advisory Director Jarrod McCabe watched the sale, saying the price was about what he thought was fair.

“It’s not that bad. It was not a huge villa unit, but I think it’s about where it sits, ”he said. “They did not pay a premium, but they have not received a coup for that price either.”

McCabe said villas had been popular through 2020.

“These villa units are in the sweet spot right now. They are a good starting point in the internal eastern market, ”he said. “And downsizers like them too. They may be a little isolated, but this one was well serviced and in a good street.

“By the middle of the year, when the market was running, the villa units were doing quite well.”

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