Thu. May 26th, 2022

The great thing about London is that no matter how long you have lived in the city, it can always make you stand guard. There is always something else to see; a page to the city you have never witnessed – or perhaps even known.

It’s exactly the kind of London shown in a new exhibition by the photo collective Mass. Appropriately titled ‘London, The Polycentric City’, the exhibition uses the work of eight photographers to recognize the different identities of the capital and celebrate ‘London’s changing face’.

Most of the photos in the exhibition were taken during the pandemic, so many of the results are empty, still, alien versions of the capital. London is the subject, but it is also unrecognizable from its vibrant, busy self. The images range from the industrial spaces of Stratford to the glittering new tower blocks of Ni Elms – and all are fascinating.

The pictures are also total, undeniably beautiful and seriously moving memories of the emptiness of the streets during lockdown. Here are a few of our favorite photos included in the exhibit.

Photo: Luca Piffaretti, Mass Collective
Photo: Simon Kennedy / Mass Collective
Andrew Meredith / Mass Collective
Urban beings
Francesco Russo
Photo: Caroline Charrel / Mass Collective
Photo: Henry Woide / Mass Collective
Photo: Sue Barr / Mass Collective
Photo: Polly Tootal / Mass Collective

To accompany the exhibition, Mass is also running a ‘photowalk’ inspired by the ‘London’ exhibition on 30 October. You can find more information about fotowalk and sign up for it here.

Admission to ‘London: The Polycentric City’ is free. It is open in the Building Center (WC1E 7BT) until November 4 – check out the Building Center website for more details.

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